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June 03, 2022 3 min read

Hello Strongman and Strongwoman!


Here are 7 reasons why you should ALWAYS wear an Impact Mouthguard when you are lifting heavy.


When you lift a heavy amount of weight, it’s natural to clench your teeth. However, your jaw muscles are some of the strongest muscles in your body. If you don’t wear a mouthguard, you could bite hard enough to not only damage your teeth, but also injure other parts of your body.


1. Increase your Strength

Yes, it has been proven to be true. Wearing a mouthguard can improve your strength in the gym. A research study from Marquette University discovered that clenching your jaws while weight-lifting could increase your strength and power by up to 10%. The study found that weightlifters are more likely to clench their jaw when they are protected by a mouthguard, and jaw clenching releases more power from your body.

If you are looking for an added boost of strength, an Impact mouthguard can help you reach your weightlifting goals.



2. Improve your Breathing

You might have experienced this before: your muscles feel strong, and you want to keep lifting, but you can’t get enough air into your lungs. 

A mouthguard can help you solve this problem. Mouthguards can enhance your breathing by aligning your jaws and your tongue to allow more air to enter your lungs.

Mouthguards can also prevent you from becoming “gassed out” – when you finish your weightlifting session early because your muscles are unable to get enough oxygen.

A mouthguard can help you breathe more easily, and in return, help you feel better while you’re lifting.


3. Prevent your Teeth from Cracking and Breaking 

When lifting heavy weights, you might feel yourself clenching your jaw. While teeth clenching is an effective way of releasing stress, there are a few serious problems that may arise – such as cracking and breaking your teeth.

If you crack or break your teeth, the repair can be painful and expensive. Additionally, if you cannot afford to fix your teeth, an infection can occur, which puts your health in danger. 

To save your long-term health, buy an Impact mouthguard to protect your teeth from cracking.

Mouthguards serve as a layer of protection between your top and bottom jaws. An important aspect of weightlifting and powerlifting is safety, and wearing a high-quality mouthguard is an easy way to protect your teeth and save your wallet from a pricey dentist visit.


4. Relieve Stress and Prevent Headaches

Our bodies have natural responses to stress, such as clenching our muscles. 

However, teeth clenching can create tension in your head and cause headaches! Avoid this problem by using impact custom-fit mouthguards, which help align your jaws and relieve jaw tension. 

Your head and jaw will thank you later.



5. Protection from Teeth Grinding

Many strongmen have a habit of grinding their teeth when lifting. Over time, grinding can wear down your teeth and harm your gums, jaw muscles, and bone structure.

Similar to preventing your teeth from cracking, mouthguards can protect your teeth from grinding down over time. 

With an Impact mouthguard, you can protect your jaw, teeth, and head simultaneously while heavy-lifting. 


If you find yourself grinding your teeth at night as well, we make the perfect guard just for that.  Check out our Grind Guard here!


6. Prevent Muscle Injuries

Naturally, strongmen clench their mouths, which can not only cause damage to their bones, but it can also harm their jaw muscles. 

Have you ever felt a muscle cramp? It’s painful! The cramp can also force your mouth closed for a few minutes and cause your muscles to feel fatigued. Don’t fret – an Impact mouthguard can help protect your mouth muscles and bones when you are clenching your teeth.



7. Protect your Teeth in Dangerous Situations

Although uncommon, passing out while weight lifting is a very dangerous situation to be in. There can be steel equipment such as benches, iron bars, and dumbbells near you, and you are unable to control your body when fainting. 

With a mouthguard, your teeth will be more protected against these hard collisions. Without a mouthguard, you could chip, break, or even lose several teeth. 

Mouthguards can protect you from causing harm, and prevent serious injuries.


Mouthguards are a simple way of protecting your body from long-run health problems, and you can get a long-lasting custom mouthguard from Impact. If safety is important to you, grab a protective mouthguard and feel yourself exceed your weightlifting goals.