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Hi!  My name is Frank Rabinovitch and I am the owner of Impact.  As a lifelong hockey player I started our business three years ago to protect myself and my family from the big hits of the games we love.

You see, we’re just like you!  As concerned parents my wife and I were always frustrated with store bought boil and bite guards for our kids.  Our daughter is fourteen and a travel lacrosse player and our son, sixteen, plays travel hockey.  From the moment we removed the plastic piece from the packaging and dropped it in boiling water we could tell from the terrified look on our kid's face that this was just not going to work.  Inevitably, the fear of getting burnt from the molten hot piece of plastic always kept my kids from fitting the guard correctly.  As a result they dangled and chewed up multiple mouthguards each month.  We were easily spending $60-80 a season for each of them to replace a product that simply did not work.

Having had the same problem myself, I never wore a mouthpiece when I got on the ice.  Somehow, a teammate of mine convinced me to get a dentist-made mouthguard. I have to tell you, when the dentist popped it in and it fit perfectly, I was amazed!  Until I got to the checkout counter!  I was handed a bill for $200 and nearly dropped to my knees!  $200!  Reluctantly I paid, and found that I loved the guard so much, it radically changed the way I looked at protecting myself on the ice.  The idea for Impact Custom Mouthguards was born!

We set out to offer a handcrafted mouthguard that fits perfectly and could be had for a consumer friendly price.  Initially, we just crafted guards for friends and family but word soon got out and we began to grow quickly.  Now, Impact handcrafts thousands and thousands of mouthguards each year for athletes all over the world.

It’s simple!  From Lacrosse to weightlifting, we play the same games you do!  My family and the whole Impact team know exactly what you want in a mouthguard.

Perfect. Comfortable. Protection!

If your mouthguard is anything less than that, please let us know.  It’s our pleasure to make sure you are protected.
We are members of the Academy for Sports Dentistry.  

That's right... FREE FOR LIFE! 🤯