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Impact Teams

Tim Godby
Head Varsity Coach Laides Lacrosse - Milton High School

Coach Godby is entering his 11th year as head coach for Milton's Varsity Lacrosse Team. This season he will lead his dynamic team of Lady Eagles to a 10th State Championship Title.

Tim, a true competitor, spends his time away from high school coaching, leading the Eagle Stix Ladies Lacrosse Association he founded to championships across North America.

After helping hundreds of girls excel at lacrosse Tim knew a players mouthguard is their most personal piece of equipment. Tired of seeing guards dangling from mouths as players as they ran up and down the field Coach decided to see if he could improve performance and increase player protection with Impact Mouthguards.

Godby found that Impact's 100% custom fit made all the difference in the world. Immediately, players stopped fooling with their old fashioned boil and bite guards because the new ones fit perfectly. This lead to players being able to speak to each other clearly on the field and all of a sudden the team took it to another level.

That was three years ago! Since then Tim has made sure all of his high school and travel teams use custom mouthguards from Impact.

Winning Coach Tim Godby Says this about Impact:

"Our players have been using impact custom mouthguards for the past 3 seasons. Our players love how they fit, feel, and look. What I like about the custom fit is it allows them to communicate more clearly and effectively while on the field, which is very important".



Brandon Allen
Director - Newtown Recreation / Georgia Outlaws

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Impact Mouthguards. This past summer Our Outlaws Girls Lacrosse program used the Impact Custom Mouthguards for the first time. Not only did the guards themselves look amazing with the custom design our program colors and our logo on them- they also performed brilliantly. Our travel lacrosse program consists of over 125 girls from ages 9 to 17. We play in both local tournaments in the Atlanta area as well as national tournaments across the southeast and as far away as Chicago, Illinois. This summer we won multiple championships and had strong showings in all of the age groups.

I’d like to think it was all coaching- but I’d be remiss if I didn’t take into account the impact that Impact Mouthguards had on our summer season. Not only did it protect our girls on the field- but our players stamina increased, recovery time was diminished and our overall performance and athleticism was markedly better than last summer. Also water breaks became a breeze for our girls- they didn’t have to remove the mouthguards to drink and we able to clearly call plays with the mouthguard in.

I truly believe that we have Impact Mouthguards to thank for those elevated aspects of our game. Our girls loved them for the look. Players from opposing teams were always asking where we got them and how stylish they looked. Parents loved them from a protection aspect. We wanted to be the leader when it came to protection and Impact helped us achieve that. The Georgia Outlaws were definitely a satisfied customer and will return for many years to come.


Georgia Tech Hockey Team

Georgia Tech Hockey would like to thank Frank and the IMPACT team for their customer service, their support and for the outstanding fitting mouth guards. Our new Head Coach believes that our safety is his number one priority, so when he noticed a number of players with no mouth guard, he took action. He immediately contacted IMPACT. Frank came to our practice, produced 25 molds and delivered 25 perfect fitting, awesome looking mouth guards prior to the dste he discussed with Coach. We will use IMPACT every season from this point forward. GO JACKETS!


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