Weight Lifting Mouthguard

Pushing big plates is a full contact sport! We know because the Impact team loves the gym.

Each and every time you load the bar and go heavy, you gnash your teeth and lift the weight! Whether you’re an Olympic power lifter or a 98-pound weakling, you can improve your strength when you have an Impact Custom Mouthguard locked on to your teeth.

Our custom guards for weightlifting offer a thin profile developed specifically for the gym. It’ll be the most important piece of equipment you have. It better be Impact perfect.

If you’re still wearing an old fashioned guard that you just fished out of a pot of boiling water, it’s time to step up. Your custom guard will allow for clear speaking and easy breathing while you hoist those weights.

Snap one on and you'll be protected when the big hit comes.

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Weight Lifting Mouthguard

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