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October 26, 2023 3 min read

Store bought mouthguards are of the same quality as Impact Mouthguards. Gotcha! It is very easy to spread misinformation, that can quickly turn into common myths. Recently, the use of mouthguards has garnered some well-deserved popularity across multiple communities. However, with the increase in
demand and popularity comes some misconceptions. This may cause some people to be cautious about using mouthguards or lead them in the wrong direction, but we are here to bust those mouthguard myths!

Myth #1: Mouthguards only need to be used for high contact sports

One common myth surrounding mouthguards is that they are only necessary for high-contact sports such as football or boxing. This is totally not true! While it is factual that contact sports do require a mouthguard in order to ensure safety, it doesn’t negate the need for the protection afforded by wearing a mouthguard while participating in low-impact or non-contact sports. Dental injuries can occur in any sport with or without contact through accidental falls, collisions with equipment, or errant balls. Mouthguards have a wide variety of uses and are a great idea for dental protection for any athlete!

Myth #2: Mouthguards can affect breathing or communication

Another common myth is that wearing a mouthguard can negatively impact an athlete’s breathing or communication during games or practice. This is definitely not true! A mouthguard should never hinder your breathing or communication. However low-quality, poor fitting mouthguards may cause slight discomfort which could deter some people from wearing them. That is why getting a high quality well fitted mouthguard (hint, hint) is so important. High quality, custom fitted mouthguards provide personalized comfort and protection to ensure that athletes can stay on their best game without any discomfort!

Myth #3: Mouthguards are unnecessary for children 

A common misconception is that mouthguards are unnecessary for children because their teeth are still developing or because they still have their “baby” teeth. This is a common misconception as children can be even more susceptible to dental injuries. Since their jaw and teeth are still developing this can put them at a higher risk for acquiring dental injuries as they do not have a set jaw structure yet. It is just as important to make sure that kids are properly fitted for mouthguards, to ensure they are getting the best protection possible. Wearing a mouthguard for dental protection is necessary at all ages and stages. Good thing Impact has kids' sizes! 

Myth #4: Mouthguards are expensive and not worth the cost

Does the cost of custom fit mouthguards make you question if they are even worth it? The answer is yes, it is absolutely worth it! High quality mouthguards offer insurance of oral protection that is invaluable for any athlete. With that being said, you shouldn't have to pay for a ridiculously overpriced custom mouthguard or settle for a low-quality mouthguard. That is why Impact has made it our mission to make an affordable high quality custom mouthguard, fit for any and every athlete. Get the exceptional mouthguard you deserve without the cost.

Myth #5: You don’t have to clean your mouthguard regularly

Cleaning is never fun, but sometimes it's necessary! The myth that you don't have to clean your mouthguard regularly can have some consequences for your dental health. Proper and frequent cleaning of your mouthguard is essential for several reasons. A dirty mouthguard can begin to acquire some bacteria, and who wants that! This accumulation of bacteria can lead to some potential odors or infections. This can increase the risk for some dental or gum infections. Your mouthguard should never be the cause of your dental problems, but rather the solution. Not cleaning regularly can also cause the deterioration of your mouthguard, which can reduce its effectiveness or cause you to have to buy more mouthguards more frequently. Good thing Impact has a care card that comes with each mouthguard, to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck!