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Major League Rugby and Impact Mouthguards

May 24, 2018 2 min read 4 Comments

Major League Rugby Announces Impact Mouthguards as Sponsor


Major League Rugby Announces Impact Mouthguards as Sponsor

MLR and Impact sign official agreement

Photo: Seth McConnell


SALT LAKE CITY (May 24, 2018) -- Major League Rugby announced today a multi-year deal with Impact Mouthguards as its official mouthguard sponsor.


Impact Mouthguards specializes in custom, handcrafted mouthguards made in the USA for athletes around the world. The guards are built out of a need to protect athletes while keeping them comfortable and performing at the highest level. Impact will provide custom team mouthguards for all seven MLR clubs. In addition to Major League Rugby, Impact is the official mouthguard provider of USA Boxing and National Small College Rugby Organization.


“We are truly excited that our team of nine will be handcrafting custom mouthguards to protect professional Major League Rugby players here in the U.S.,” said Frank Rabinovitch, owner and founder of Impact Mouthguards. “Made in Alpharetta, Ga., Impact prides itself on delivering perfect fitting guards at an athlete-friendly price.”


Photos for editorial use can be viewed here.


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About MLR

MLR is a professional rugby league that launched in April of 2018. It’s an initiative of the American rugby community, in partnership with private investors, who believe that American rugby can thrive at the highest levels: as a commercial enterprise; as an influential player on the international scene; and as a participation sport at the youth and senior level. MLR is the pinnacle of the American rugby, and provides a rallying point for local communities, a focal point for American rugby fans, and an aspirational destination for young athletes.


About Impact Mouthguards was founded in 2011 in Alpharetta, GA, USA. Impact set out from the beginning to offer the most protective and comfortable mouthguard available for athletes playing their game anywhere in the world. Through the development of their direct to athlete, super simple fit kit, Impact has been able to introduce custom guards at every level of play. In just a few short years Impact has grown into the leading manufacturer of custom mouthguards in the USA.


Media Contacts:

Major League Rugby: Jessica Kunzer, 801-647-2510,

Impact Mouthguards: Frank Rabinovitch, 770-337-3364,

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