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August 08, 2018 2 min read

If you watch football you have surely seen so many of our gridiron athletes wearing what looks like a big pacifier in their mouth.

It’s actually called a Lip Guard or Lip Protector.

Recently  Impact Mouthguards  perfected the method to add a lip guard to their custom mouthguard.

Before the introduction of their Custom Mouthguard with Lip Guard athletes had to insert a strip of plastic into their mouth that they had to bite down on to hold the lip protector in place.

They were awful to use but they looked great!

Now there is a professional quality alternative!

Here are the top three reasons why football players love to wear lip guards/Lip Protectors:


  • Yes they do!  

    Football Players love to express their individuality by wearing lip protectors with big graphics on them.  From fangs to scary eyeballs you can really get personal with the amount of space for graphics offered by the lip guard.

    When you decide to get a  custom mouthguard with lip protector from Impact Mouthguards you know your guard is going to fit perfectly.

    But the best news is you can add the graphics of your choice to your Lip Guard.

    Team logos, Jersey Number or a picture of your dog - it’s up to you to design your lip protector just how you want it.

     2) Flying Fingers Hurt Lips

    This is real!

    Flying fingers come through football helmets at an alarming pace.

    When the offending finger is not properly groomed the nail can take out a big chunk of a players lip for sure.

    Lip Guards help protect football players from unnecessary cosmetic injury by surrounding the whole mouth with a strong barrier.

    3) Custom Mouthguards with Lip Protectors Fit Perfectly

    Here’s the deal -->>

    Over the counter plastic lip protectors bought in the store don’t fit very well.  In fact, many of them are not really mouthguards at all but a simple strip of plastic you have to bite down on.

    Who can breathe when you have to have your teeth clamped down in order to hold the mouthpiece in your mouth.  

    Imaging what it’s like after running a fast 40!

    So athletes turned to Impact to invent a mouthguard that fits perfectly, that includes a lip protector.

    And they did!

    Starting with an impression of your teeth Impact handcrafts a guard to fit just you, comfortably, then they added the Lip Guard.


    What a difference!

    If your mouthpiece fits comfortably, you’ll wear it in the right place so when the big hit comes you’ll be protected from so much more than cut lip.