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11 Reasons Why Athletes Worldwide Choose Impact Custom Mouthguards

January 05, 2015 12 min read

Getting your grill rocked by a flying elbow isn’t pleasant…what’s even worse is the bill you get from the dentist after you (or your child) need several teeth replaced.

Whether it’s a punch, kick, tackle, puck, or ball moving at warp speed, there are dozens of reasons why, if you’re playing an impact sport, you better be protecting those pearly whites of yours.

But it isn’t enough just to wear any kind of mouthguard (a custom mouthguard is the best option for optimal protection). Sure, going to Walgreens 30 minutes before practice and picking up the cheapest boil and bite mouthpiece isn’t going to win you any mother or father of the year awards, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

But I digress…

If you really want to protect your smile, or not have your child be the kid who got their mouth busted at the Lacrosse game, then keeping reading.

We are going to give you 11 reasons why you should choose custom mouthguard solutions from Impact Mouthguards over any of the other options available on the market.

1 We Use State-of-the-Art Technology to Protect Your Mouth

While all custom mouthguards are better than their boil and bite cousins, even in the world of “custom,” all mouthguards are definitely not created equal. In fact, three of the most important points to consider when selecting a mouthguard are:

  • How’s it made?
  • What’s the thickness?
  • How does it fit?

Now it’s time for some good ‘ole mouthguard education (unless you want to end up with an inferior product, we recommend you keep reading).

For starters, there are two primary fabrication methods for how custom mouthguards are made. These are the mouthguards that you either get from a dentist, or from a mail-in order service, and are made by using either a vacuum machine, or with thermal pressure and high heat from a direct impression of the athlete’s own (teeth) bite.

1. The vacuum method (aka The Suck Down)

This method is commonly used in dental offices. The process works like this:

-On an inexpensive machine, a piece of plastic is (warmed) heated until soft

-Using the suction machine, it is vacuum formed (sucked down) over a model of a patient’s teeth

It’s a simple process, and in theory works much better than traditional over-the-counter mouthguards, such as boil and bites. However, it does come with a few drawbacks:

-Many athletes who have gotten mouthguards formed in this manner complain of them fitting loosely, being too thin in (critical) certain areas, and not providing adequate protection during training and/or games.

-Secondly, these types of mouthguards are extremely expensive (dentists charge several hundred dollars for this service) and they tend to lose their shape over an extended period of time.

2. The Thermal Pressure and High Heat Method (The Impact Way - Our Method)

While the vacuum method is superior to most other options, we use the best method of fabricating custom mouthguards available today, and that is via high heat and thermal pressure method. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  • First, using the Super Simple Fit Kit we provide, each athlete provides us with a dental-grade impression of their teeth. With this in hand, we build an exact model of the mouth.
  • The model is precisely placed into one of our presses and multiple layers of EVA mouthguard material are laminated and hand cut. Each done one at a time.

The Impact way ensures that during production, the mouthguard material is pushed right down into the cracks and crevices of your specific dentition. This attention to detail provides a guard that locks into place – perfectly comfortable.

Additionally, since our mouthguards are formed with a laminate pressure process, we are able to achieve a consistent, desirable level of thickness specific to the sport you are participating in.

Why is Pressure Better?

In order to be most effective, a mouthguard needs to be comfortable to wear and stay in place when the big hit comes. Impact handcrafts each and every guard to fit perfectly and they are fabricated in a manner which provides for a thin profile with consistent desired thickness for each sport. Our pressurized method really excels in helping our craftsmen deliver a guard that athletes love to wear.

Not only that, our technology and perfect fit result in a guard that, with proper care, lasts and lasts. No need to worry about your Impact guard losing shape.

Now a Few Words about Thickness

According to the Academy of Sports Dentistry position on mouthguards, an athlete’s mouthguard should have a thickness of at least 3mm in the occlusal/labial area (source: http://www.academyforsportsdentistry.org/position-statement).

At Impact Mouthguards, we’ve developed a system where we match each athlete with the ideal mouth piece they will need for a particular sport based on thickness. Rest assured, you will get the best mouthguard on the market for your sport, and we stand by it. Many of our mouthguards exceed the minimal thickness standards, without being bulky, or dampening performance in any way.

In fact, our guards, with their perfect fit, will allow your athlete to breathe easy, communicate clearly on the field, and even hydrate with it in place. These attributes will positively effect performance on the court and consistently improve the way your Impact athlete plays.

2 Boil and Bite is No Fun – In Fact it’s Downright Scary

What kid has ever said, “Yes, I want to put a (molten hot) piece of plastic in my mouth that just came out of boiling water?” When you hear it, let us know…because that would be the first we’ve heard it.

Off the shelf boil and bites are made to fit everyone, and as a result, fit NO ONE well. No one likes them, they are a poor fit, and they don’t last. Here are a few of the reasons that we discourage the use of boil and bite mouthguards:

-The fit just isn’t right. When using a boil and bite mouthguard, you are essentially molding a piece of plastic in a way that it is really not designed to be molded. The fit is not secure, it does not retain its shape very well, and in most cases it becomes a big blob of plastic that hangs from the athlete’s mouth. It may even come loose and become a choking hazard.

-When it comes to boil and bite mouthguards you get what you pay for! Due to the horrible, uncomfortable fit ,they are used as chew toys and certainly do not last. In many cases, the guard starts to become flimsy after just a few uses, and may begin to flake off in the heat of battle.

-There are better options available to protect your smile, and if there are better, affordable options out there to guard against having your teeth knocked out, why wouldn’t you choose them?

At Impact Mouthguards we understand that budget is a concern, which is why we have set out to make the highest quality, most reasonably priced custom mouthguards on the market. When you get a $5,000 bill from the dentist, you’ll wish you had spent a few extra bucks on a superior mouthguard like ours!

3 Custom Mouthguards are Universally Recommended

Custom mouthguards are universally recommended by several major sports dentistry and/or athletic health organizations for their superior fit and ability to prevent injury above and beyond what an “off the shelf” mouth piece can do.

In fact, here are two statistics that support using a custom mouthguard if you are an athlete participating in an impact or contact sport:

A study of collegiate basketball teams found that athletes wearing custom-made mouthguards sustained significantly fewer dental injuries than those who did not. Basketball has the highest incidence of oral facial injury of any sport.

In addition, the National Youth Sports Foundation stated that an athlete is 60 times more likely to sustain damage to the teeth when not wearing a protective mouthguard (source: http://www.aapd.org/play_it_safe_prevent_childhood_injuries_on_the_field_with_simple_sports_safety_precautions/)

The bottom line: If you (or your child) are participating in a sport where a dental injury could occur, you can save yourself the headache (literally) by using a high-quality, custom-made mouthguard from Impact.

Additionally, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the use of custom mouthguards.

4 Custom Fit: No Dentist Required (Saves You Time & Money)

Traditionally, a custom-fit mouthguard has involved scheduling an appointment with a dentist in your area, and then shelling out $300 or more for a custom-made mouthguard.

That’s some serious money, and while a high-quality mouthguard is an important investment, we have developed a better way to give customers the superior protection they need, without the car payment price.

With our product, there is:

  • No dental appointment is needed.
  • No middle man (we manufacture and sell the mouthguards direct, passing the savings along to you).
  • As a customer, you save hundreds of $$$ for the same (in our case even better) product. Boil and bites typically cost $12-$20 with parents buying 2-5 a season. For less than what you are spending now, you can have a perfectly fitting custom guard that will last until the athlete’s dentition changes.
  • Custom craftsmanship. Boil and bites, and even some custom guards, are straight cut, and if you look in the mirror you’ll actually be able to see the tops of your teeth. At Impact, we carefully read the lines of your gums to craft a guard that comes up and over the teeth. Importantly, this helps to dissipate a blow into the bone structure rather than the teeth themselves. Hit hard enough, those other products will end up in your mouth with your broken teeth.

Our process is extremely easy (and we will cover it in more detail below), as all you need to do is:

-Visit our homepage and select the mouthguard of your choice

-Pay for your mouthguard with our seamless, secure, on-site payment processing

-Get your Super Simple Fit Kit custom mouthguard kit in the mail

-Give us an impression of your teeth (we include easy instructions to ensure you do it correctly to get the perfect fit)

-Get your mouthguard back in 7 days or less with a perfect fit tailored to your exact specifications

5 Each Mouthguard is Custom-Tailored to Your Sport

If your mouthguard isn’t tailored to your sport (with the correct level of thickness), then it isn’t really a custom mouthguard, is it?

The good news for you is that at Impact Mouthguards, we’ve combined scientific literature with feedback from customers across dozens of sports to provide the perfect mouthguard for you and the sport you play. Our thickness levels for each sport are tested and athlete approved; we take the guesswork out of selecting the best mouthguard for your sport.

Whether you practice martial arts, MMA (combat sports), football, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, baseball, or gymnastics, we have a mouthguard that is perfectly suited to fit you and your needs. You’ll be protected, comfortable, and look cool doing your thing.

6 Our Mouthguards are so Cool (You’ll Stand Out)

Sure, people buy a Rolex because it is an awesome timepiece, but they also buy it because they are just flat out cool to own…you instantly enter into a new club when you own a Rolex.

The same is true with our custom mouthguards for athletes, but without the Rolex price tag.

While the most important function of a mouthguard is protection, let’s face it, mouthguards are also a fashionable accessory. Yes this is a blatant self promotion…but we believe it, and have had thousands of our customers tell us so!

Our mouthguards are cool, trendy, and our customers of all ages love the options available. We make it easy to pick your color combination and order quickly and easily via the homepage on our website.

Would you rather be the guy or girl with a boil and bite mouthpiece from Wal-Mart, or have a sleek, custom mouthguard with an intimidating, attention-grabbing design?

7 Our Mouthguards Could Make You 15% Stronger (No “Roids" Required)

“While performance enhancing drugs, such as steroids or HGH, are a big no-no, there are no rules against performance enhancing mouthguards that could make you up to 15% stronger.” There is some research to suggest that this is possible.

As long as a mouthguard provides sufficient thickness and a perfect fit, athletes are able to clench their teeth completely without hurting themselves, and in doing so, may improve total strength by approximately 15%. As you can see, this is a significant advantage, and something that more athletes, both adult and youth, should be taking advantage of.

Our mouthguards are legal, enhance your safety, and can make you 15% stronger; so why wouldn’t you want to get one?

In fact, we’ve made the process so easy, that all you have to do is visit our homepage here in order to get started.

8 Protect Yourself While Still Communicating with Teammates

In high impact team sports such as football, lacrosse, and hockey, communication with teammates is not only important, it is essential. While wearing a mouthguard will help protect you from injury, it won’t help you win if it sounds like you have a sock stuffed in your mouth.

Unlike other mouthguards (such as the over-the-counter and boil and bite mouthguards you can find in your local sporting goods store or drugstore), a mouthpiece from Impact Mouthguards fits over your teeth securely and doesn’t slip, meaning that your speech is not significantly impaired.

With other mouthguards that are constantly falling out, losing their shape, etc., this is a battle that never ends. However, when you need to call an audible on the field, your teammates will be able to hear you, so long as you are using an Impact Mouthguard.

9 Our Mouthguards are used by Professional Athletes in over a Dozen Sports Worldwide

From youth sports, all the way to the professional ranks, Impact Mouthguards has a presence in a variety of sports. As we mentioned earlier, our mouthguards are made using a thermal pressure (not vacuum) method, which results in more consistent thickness in the areas where you need it most.

A professional athlete is simply not going to mess with a boil and bite guard. At this price, why would you?

Best of all, we have different mouthguard specifications for different sports, ensuring you will get the perfect protection you need.

Here are just a few sports where our mouthguards are currently being used:

  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Crossfit
  • Weightlifting
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Roller Derby
  • Rodeo & Equestrian
  • Gymnastics
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Field Hockey
  • BMX
  • Rugby
  • Water Polo
  • Soccer
  • Skiing

And so much more. If you play a sport where dental injury is even a slight risk, you should be wearing a high-quality mouthguard to protect one of your most valuable assets— your teeth!

10 We Offer Team/Association Discounts

At Impact Mouthguards, we love our teams! If you want to take your team spirit to another level with custom, high-quality mouthguards to protect your players, then we are here to give you exactly what you want.

We are the preferred mouthguard provider for many league organizations, as well as certain high school, college, and professional teams. If you are interested in placing an order for your team or association, contact us here to learn more about volume orders, and to get our best pricing.

In addition, if a team or association would like to earn money for their program, Impact has the way. For each mouthguard sold, a portion of the proceeds will be returned to the organization. 

Once you reach a minimum quantity, a bonus for each guard will be earned.  The team is in no way limited to their own participants.

They will be provided with a promo code that they could give to other teams, friends, and family anywhere they are.  Each sale made using the code will be tracked on the website and the group will be compensated accordingly.

This is a great way for a team to earn funds and, more importantly, protect athletes--certainly more useful than selling another bar of chocolate!

11 Easy Ordering Process & Quick Turnaround Time (Less than 7 Days)

Whether you are ordering a mouthguard for yourself or your child, we know you are busy and we get it. You don’t have time to visit the dentist, pay hundreds of dollars in lab fees, and hope that you get a mouthguard you will like.

At Impact, we’ve made the order process quick and easy. All you need to do is visit our homepage, choose your color combination, style, and any accessories (such as uploading your logo) and you are done. Pay directly on our site and your kit will leave our office the next day.

The process for getting a high-quality, custom-fit mouthguard that fits you perfectly and protects you during battle couldn’t be easier.

You can start the order process by visiting our homepage here: http://www.impactmouthguards.com/

Now that You Know More About Mouthguards than Anyone Else, What’s Next?

Now that you have your PhD in “Mouthguardology” from Impact Mouthguards, what are you going to do with it?

As we’ve demonstrated, our mouthguards are simply superior to any other boil and bite or custom-made mouthguard on the market. In fact, we stand behind that statement with a 100% Perfect Fit Guarantee (nobody offers this guarantee).

If you are in the market for a new mouthguard for you or your child, then we encourage you to give us a call or contact us here if you are interested in learning more about our mouthguards, and purchasing one for yourself or someone else.

Your mouthguard is an investment. Sure, you can go to the drugstore or big box retailer and get a cheaper mouthguard, but at what cost? When the big hit comes (and we all know it’s coming) and that hit results in $5,000 worth of dental work, all of a sudden our custom mouthguards seem like the bargain of the century.

Victims of knocked out teeth can experience a lifetime cost of $15,000 or more per tooth, which makes wearing a high-quality, custom mouthguard not only recommended, but a financially responsible decision (it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids a great life lesson about mitigating financial risk and maintaining their health).