Strongman, Powerlifters, Crossfitters and Body Builders aren't worried about knocking out their teeth!

You want big gains and to protect your molars from cracking while doing it.

An old fashioned boil and bite glob of plastic just won't do!

Introducing the new custom fit Strongman PowerLIFT Mouthguard

Our new guard is designed to bring your jaw into a supported rest that creates space between the upper and lower arch while positioning the jaw slightly forward.

In short, this means your custom fit, Strongman PowerLIFT Mouthguard helps position your jaw, head and neck so that tension in the musculature and cervical vertebrae is reduced, resulting in an improvement of strength. 

While no mouthguard can guarantee any specific performance improvement, you’ll approach the bar stacked with plates, confident that your teeth are protected with the latest in Performance Enhancing Protection!

 Bite down and power through - you’re on your way to a new PR!