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July 20, 2022 3 min read

6 Reasons Why Stickers Make People Happy
Stickers have always been a sign of enjoying life since childhood. Remember, in grade school, when you would do well on an assignment or do a good deed, and your teacher would give you a gold sticker. The feeling you would feel as a kid was spectacular. But stickers are no longer exclusively for children - they are powerful gimmicks that drive us to a sense of goodness no matter the age of its owner. Here are some ways stickers can bring you happiness!
1: They Show Off Your Interests Stickers are one of the most straightforward ways to assert your interests to people in your life. Stickers exemplify your interests without forcing you to manually verbalize them to people in your circle, allowing people to understand who you are, what you enjoy doing, and what you stand for. Put a sticker on your laptop, car, or backpack, and you can show off your interests to the entire world without too much drudgery.
2: They Bring Back Good Memories The fantastic thing stickers can do is commemorate a good memory from your past. Remember that time you won the big MMA fight? Monumentalize your victory with a sticker, and every time you see that sticker, it will bring you right back to that time of success and put a smile on your face.
3: They Remind You of Your Goals Stickers can serve as a great pictorial bucket list that will inspire you to reach your goals in life. Just as you can use the stickers to commemorate a good memory from the past, you can also use stickers to highlight a memory you would want to have in the future. For instance, if you want to someday visit Thailand to learn Muay Thai, you could get a Muay Thai Panda Sticker to motivate you to work towards getting there.
4: They Make You Laugh Many stickers can be funny and serve to put a smile on your face. Having a funny sticker can be a perfect way to cheer yourself up and make you laugh when you're having a bad day. The capability to make someone laugh is one of the most important aspects of a sticker. They can accentuate your humor to people in your circle. Grab yourself a sticker with a funny image, witty taglines, or a silly pun to help brighten your day and the days of people around you.
5: They Raise Awareness for a Cause You Support One benefit of stickers many people forget about is that they can raise awareness for a cause you support. For example, if you support a charity that restores habitats for endangered species, you could get a sticker that promotes that cause. Your sticker could even prompt people around you to inquire further into what you are supporting and maybe bring some people to support the cause as well.
6: They Don't Put a Hole in Your Wallet The great thing about stickers is that they provide you with all the benefits mentioned above without putting a hole in your wallet. Stickers at Impact start at just three dollars, and they are even put on sale all the time!