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February 21, 2024 3 min read

How to Clean Your Impact Mouthguard

Don't you hate when you are running over to grab your mouthguard from your case and get a lingering whiff of something smelly? Yeah, we do too. Chances are if you are able to smell your mouthguard other people are able to as well. At Impact, we want to protect your teeth and save you from the second-hand embarrassment that comes along with having a smelly mouthguard, night guard, or any other oral device. In this post, we will discuss how to keep your mouth guards away from smelling like last night's training session!

Cleaning Your Mouth Guard Is Easy

Cleaning your  mouthguard is a straightforward process that many overlook. We have fallen victim to this at times but have recently picked up a routine that makes sure we do not use a dirty mouthguard.

Deep clean your mouthguard as much as possible.

It is never fun when you pull your guard out of the case and smell last night's training session's dried-up saliva. When using the custom mouthguard, it's super easy for bacteria to build up and cause your guard to smell if you do not properly rinse after use.

Mouth guard care starts with a simple 5-minute process once you get home from your training sessions. Let's jump in!

Rinse the Mouth Guard Immediately After Wear

Immediately after you use your guard do your best to find the nearest sink to rinse off the guard to get all leftover saliva that may have been trapped on the guard. 

The last thing you want to do is to be known as the person with bad breath. For some sports, you may not find yourself all up, close, and personal for people to actually smell it but for sports like jiu-jitsu,MMA, and maybe even basketball it's easy to notice when someone does not have that proper care routine down.

The first step to the deep clean routine that you need to implement for your guard starts you a proper rinse. This can be down on the field, court, mats or where ever you really are after a practice, its probably that you did not carry a toothbrush in a public setting so in the privacy of your how here is how you can get a deeper clean.

How to Clean Mouth Guard

  • Immediately after use rinse off your mouthguard with water
  • Let it air dry completely
  • Spray on Knockout99 for a minty taste for the next use
  • Put your mouthguard back in your mouth guard case

This four-step process is a pretty self-explanatory method to keeping your guard clean and removing bacteria that can build up. Proper care starts with cleaning methods like the one above.

A dirty mouthguard is the best way for bacteria to foster and cause your mouthguard to smell awful. We have been there before and forget to do this a couple of times and vowed to never let it happen again!

Why You Should Clean Your Mouthguard

A clean mouthguard is just a better way to train.

Mouthguards from Impact were meant to protect your teeth and it would not be doing yourself justice if you allowed your teeth to be exposed to the bacteria built up from a dirty mouthguard.

Going with the custom guard from our store is already an investment in the protection of your teeth, the simple process of soaking your guard in water and brushing it before your next wear is something everyone can do!


We created Knockout99 to make our customers' lives easier when it came to keeping their mouthguards clean from bacteria buildup.

Using theKnockout99 is extremely easy:

  • Spray it once before using it, let it sit for 60 seconds then toss your guard in.
  • Once done training, hit it with another squirt and let it sit in the case for 60 seconds.
  • Then close the case and open it back up at the next training session.

It's a great product and has a great minty taste to it.

Knockout99 is an all-natural cleaning solution that helps eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from oral devices for a cleaner, healthier smile 'on-the-go'. Made with no harmful chemicals, Knockout99 is a natural solution that is safe for all-day (or night) use on night guards, sports mouthguards, retainers, sleep devices, and dentures.

It even works on toothbrushes and pacifiers!