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April 12, 2023 2 min read


My pro debut was March 18th 2023 and although I’d been on the big stage in the amateurs, this was something more! I knew this event, this fight would start my career as a pro boxer and I had to be on point. To be honest I struggled to get to my target weight of 154 however my coaches pushed me to the limit to make the weight.

I spent day in and day out training as hard as i could up until the day of weigh ins. At weigh ins all I could think about was FOOD! Weigh ins were exciting and in my heart I knew I could beat the guy, it was something about his eyes when i first looked into them i could tell he wasn't ready for what i had in store for him.

Day of the fight was intense as I didn’t really know what to expect and frankly I felt some weight on my shoulders to entertain the crowd and to of course win. I can’t lie as I was getting my hands wrapped it started to hit me that I was a little nervous cause yet again i didn’t know what to expect out there.

I ended up getting rushed a little before to go on as the previous fight was over quickly. I started to put on all my stuff to walk out and my team came together and we walked out like we planned with me in a sub zero like outfit and my entire team had my back!

I then did not feel nervous at all i was living in the moment, It all felt like a movie to me. The actual fight was quick as I stopped him in the first round at 2:22. He just wasn’t prepared for my level of talent!

After the fight, I was incredibly relieved and overcome with joy. If I wasn’t sure I wanted this pro boxing life before, definitely knew it was for me after the fight. I couldn’t have got this far without the support of my coaches, family and great sponsors! This was the first of many fights on my way to a world championship!

2025 is the goal and I truly appreciate everyone who is on this ride with me!

P.S - I most definitely enjoyed some amazing food right after the fight lol.


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