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Need a Custom Nightguard for Teeth Grinding or Jaw Clenching? 11 Reasons to Choose Us!

July 28, 2016 9 min read


You wake up in the morning with a dull headache, and this isn’t the first time. In fact, you’ve noticed lately that almost every morning you get out of bed, you have pain in your head, neck, and maybe even your jaw.

You think to yourself, “What in the world is causing this pain, and how can I solve it?”

While we aren’t doctors or dentists, we do know that the symptoms mentioned above are evident in people who grind their teeth or clench their jaw at night while they sleep.

Fortunately for chronic teeth grinders (a condition known as bruxism), this problem is rather easy and straightforward to solve— wear a nightguard while you sleep!

If you’re rolling your eyes right now and thinking about hitting the back button, don’t. We aren’t going to tell you to go to the drugstore and pick up a crappy $20 nightguard that won’t fit, and might even cause choking during the night. We have a much better solution for our customers!

In fact, we are going to share with you 11 reasons why you should consider purchasing a high-quality, custom, affordable nightguard from Impact Mouthguards in order to relieve teeth grinding and jaw clenching while you sleep.

1 Comfort: A Perfect Fit, Every Time


One of the most common complaints you will hear from anyone who has worn a nightguard is that it doesn’t fit right. Here are a few of the things people typically say about over-the-counter nightguards for teeth grinding:

  • “I wake up during the night and feel like I’m going to swallow my nightguard and choke!”
  • “It feels like it moves around in my mouth, and I’m not sure how effective it really is.”
  • “I don’t like going to bed with something in my mouth that doesn’t feel secure.”

Each of these problems can be linked to one cause— most nightguards simply do not fit correctly.

At Impact Mouthguards, each guard is created using an impression kit that we send to you (with instructions on how to take a perfect impression) so that we can craft a custom mouthguard that fits you perfectly, every time.

If you’ve ever tried a nightguard, or have thought about trying one but have been apprehensive about it due to the above problems, consider your problem solved with our custom-fit solutions!

2 Experience: Over 15,000 Custom guards Created for Our Customers!

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Now you may be wondering what Einstein has to do with night guards, but the connection is actually quite pertinent:

You need to make sure you are working with a company that has the skills, experience, and results to provide the product or service you are looking for.

At Impact Mouthguards, we’ve crafted over 15,000 custom mouthguards and night guards for customers all across the United States.

We are a leader in providing custom night guards direct to the consumer, enabling you to create your own impression in minutes, which gives you the best product on the market while saving you valuable time and hundreds of dollars.

Experience matters. Choose a night guard company that has the experience to give you the perfect fit, every time.

3 Manufacturer Direct: We Cut Out the Middle Man & Save You Money


No one likes to pay a middle man. At 1800nightguards, we manufacture our own night guards, and sell them directly to our customers. This means that we are NOT a reseller who has to markup prices in order to make a profit.

Our model is to create a custom mouthguard for each patient in our own lab with our own employees and equipment. This helps us to keep our costs low, which in turn means we can sell directly to the consumer at a reduced rate.

As you’ll read farther down, we can help customers save hundreds of dollars on average for their night guard, as opposed to what a dentist would charge.

4 New Technology: Better Protection for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

You’ve likely never stayed up at night wondering how night guards are made, but luckily for you, we have.

At Impact Mouthguards we’ve set out to make night guards in a way that provides a durable product with a perfect fit, while doing so in an environmentally conscious way.

We make each night guard using a method that involves thermal pressure and high heat. Here is a simple, straightforward explanation of how it works:

  • We send an easy-to-use impression kit with detailed instructions to each customer. This will provide a dental-grade impression of their teeth, which is what will be used to craft the night guard.
  • After you ship the model back to us, it is precisely placed into one of our presses by a technician, and multiple layers of BPA-free night guard material are laminated and hand cut, one at a time.

This attention to detail is what makes Impact Mouthguards stand out from many of our competitors. Our night guards are made with precision and detail, ensuring that each night guard leaving our facility is a perfect fit.

The result is a night guard that provides a perfect fit with an optimal level of thickness in order to protect your teeth while you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are tired of grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, and waking up with a headache each morning, it’s time to contact us to see what a high-quality, custom night guard can do for your sleep and quality of life.

5 A Safer, Better Alternative to Cheap Boil and Bite mouth piece


When have you ever heard anyone say, “Yes, I want to heat up a piece of plastic to a scalding hot 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and then stick it right in my mouth and clench my teeth as hard as I can?” That sounds ridiculous. Boil and bite night guards sound more like a torture device than an effective solution for those suffering from teeth grinding or jaw clenching at night!

And yet, these are the types of night guards that are most common, as they are sold in drugstores nationwide for between $20-60.

Companies that manufacture and sell boil and bite night guards will tell their potential customers that the mouthguards are designed to fit everyone. As a result of trying to fit everyone, the night guards actually end up fitting no one.

In fact, few people use them for more than a couple of nights because it ends up being a blob of plastic that is a poor fit and doesn’t last very long.

Why would you choose a night guard that is going to give you a poor fit, lose its shape, and essentially become a chew toy when there are better options available?

Why not spend a little extra money on a night guard that will provide value for years to come, and actually solve your problem? We can provide the same quality, custom-fit night guard you would get from a dentist, but at a fraction of the cost!

6 The Same Quality, Custom Night guard You Get from a Dentist (for Less)!

Quick…raise your hand if you want to pay extra for something! Yeah, we didn’t think so. As I’m sure you are well aware, many dentists offer custom-fit night guards and mouthguards to their patients, but they come with a hefty price tag.

This is because custom night guards can help patients solve a problem they are desperate to solve, and dentists know this.

They also know that by outsourcing the work required to create a custom mouthguard to a dental lab, they can make a substantial profit on each and every night guard they sell.

At Impact Mouthguards, we do things a bit differently. You see, we are a dental lab that sells directly to the end consumer. This means that we completely cut out the middle man (as mentioned earlier) and pass the savings on to you.

Here is the difference between using us versus going to a dentist for a custom night guard:

We are able to deliver the same (in our opinion even better product) at a drastically reduced price because we custom-build each night guard ourselves in our dental lab, and then sell directly to the consumer.

7 Price: The Best Value in the Night guard Industry

If you’ve looked online at the different options available, you’ve likely seen night guards ranging from a few dollars to several hundred, or even a thousand bucks.

So the question is: why is there so much variance in the pricing on night guards?

To answer this question, we have to look at the different options available, which essentially fall into 3 categories:

  • A. Over-the-counter boil and bite. These night guards we’ve already discussed. They are inexpensive, over-the-counter products that are custom-fitted, and therefore cannot provide the comfort that’s needed in a night guard.
  • B. The second option is a night guard you get from the dentist. These are high-quality night guards that will give you a secure fit and hold up well over time, but they cost a fortune because dentists outsource the creation of these night guards to a lab, in addition to the fee you pay when visiting a dentist.
  • C. Lastly, you can order a custom night guard straight from the manufacturer, which gives you the highest-quality product on the market, without the markups associated with a middleman (your dentist). This is the model that Impact Mouthguards uses in order to give our customers the highest quality product in the industry, without having to shell out several hundred dollars in the process.

Our model enables us to provide tremendous value to our customers without the price of going to the dentist.

8 Diversity (Hard, Soft & Hybrid): We Have a Night guard to Suit Your Needs


When researching night guards, you’ll notice there are different types to choose from, all of which can give you the fit and comfort you are looking for. The three common types of night guards we offer are:

  • A hard night guard.
  • A soft night guard.
  • And a hybrid night guard (soft on the inside, and hard on the outside).

At Impact Mouthguards, we provide you with a variety of options to meet your needs. The choice is really up to you, as people have different preferences when it comes to selecting a night guard that is most comfortable to them.

The great news about our night guards: you could buy one of each to see which you prefer, and it would still cost you less money than getting just one custom night guard from your dentist.

9 Our Night guards are 100% BPA Free


Most night guards are made of plastic, and that means they are dangerous…period. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a synthetic compound that has been linked to a variety of health concerns, including very serious illnesses such as cancer.

It is this concern that causes many would-be night guard wearers to not wear one. However, there are other options.

At Impact Mouthguards, we create BPA-free night guards that not only work well, but are eco-friendly and safe! You don’t have to worry about harmful side effects when wearing our night guards; just wear your custom-fit night guard while you sleep and you will be solving your teeth grinding problem in an environmentally-friendly manner!

10 Easy Ordering Process, and Lightning Quick Turnaround Times!


Our ordering process is simple and straightforward. You simply select the type of night guard you want (soft, hard, or hybrid) and then complete your order. We ship your dental-grade impression kit (with detailed instructions) the same day.

As soon as you receive your kit, take the impression, and mail it back to us. Once we receive your impression, we will craft your night guard and have the finished product back to you in just 7-10 days, which is much faster than the typical 3-5 week turnaround at most dental offices.

Get a custom night guard delivered to your door— the process couldn’t be easier.

11 Inexpensive Shipping on All Orders!

Impact Mouthguards offers low cost shipping to all of our customers in the United States. In addition to providing high-quality night guards for less, we also help you save even more money on shipping costs!

It’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer, as we know that happy customers will spread the word and tell their friends and family about us!