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February 13, 2023 2 min read

Not every commercial was great, but here are my top 5 favorite Super Bowl commercials.


Super Bowl 57

#5 - The Farmer's Dog

As dog lovers here at the Impact office, this commercial truly tugged on our heart strings.

Our office dog, Dood, is always a pleasure to have around and certainly puts a smile on everyones face each day.

We couldn't help but put it in our Top 5.


#4 - E*Trade - Baby Wedding

These E*Trade baby commercials are an absolute classic!

This commercial took us back to the days when these talking babies were all over our commercial feed.

Nice to see E*Trade bring back this classic that always has the room laughing.



#3 - Pop Corners - Breaking Bad

 Ahhh Breaking Bad.  One of my favorite shows of all time.

These guys look like they haven't aged a day of their life since the show!?

If you have never seen Breaking Bad and didn't get this commercial, please do yourself and go watch it tonight.



#2 - Coors vs. Miller Lite vs. Blue Moon

 Miller Lite...my go to beverage choice.

This was an easy one for me to pick and it hurts for me to put Bud Light ahead of this commercial.

What a whirlwind this commercial was.  I was thinking all night, when are we going to see a Miller Lite commercial!?  I certainly perked up when I saw this one.

Was it a Coors, Miller Lite or Blue Moon Commercial? 

I'm going with Miller Lite!


#1 - Bud Light - Easy to Drink, Easy to Hold

I think everyone can relate to this one.

It's nice to see that not just us normal people are sitting on the line holding for hours and hours.

Rest assured, here at Impact, we will never leave you on hold!  NEVER!

I have to say, after a couple bud lights, my moves look pretty similar...



Until next year Football!  Let us know down below which commercial was your favorite.


If you accidentally stumbled on this blog and participate in a contact sport, we would love to get you set up with a custom mouthguard!

(We make lots of guards for the guys in the game last night)


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