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February 16, 2022 3 min read

12 Outside the Box Places You Can Put Your Impact Stickers

Are you running out of places to stick your Impact stickers? Here are some out-of-the-box spots to show off your brand new stickers.

1. Bench press

Have you been trying to reach your benching goal, but you have felt like something is missing? 

If you place your Impact stickers on either weights of your bench press, you will feel an additional boost of strength. After benching with your Impact stickers, sensing that extra dose of confidence will help you reach your goal.

2. Mouthwash

As you clean your teeth in the mornings, place an Impact sticker on your mouthwash bottle so you don’t forget to protect your teeth. Now, you are ready to take on the day with clean and protected teeth.  Don't forget your Guard Health as well when you want to clean your guard and leave a nice minty taste!


3. Speaker

When you prepare for your athletic game or gym session, decorate your speaker with Impact stickers. That way, if someone finds your speaker, they will see you wearing your Impact mouthguard and return your speaker.



4 . Mirror

To add some decorations to your home gym, place your Impact sticker on a wall mirror! Or, placing an Impact sticker on a mirror at home will remind you to bring your Impact mouthguard in your Impact Gorilla Gear Bag


5. Alarm Clock

When you set your morning alarm, seeing your Impact sticker will remind you to put on your Impact Night Guard before you doze off to bed. In addition, do you want to be more productive in the morning? Seeing an Impact sticker on your alarm clock when you wake up can motivate you to hit the gym.


6. Fridge

As you make breakfast, seeing an Impact sticker on your fridge will motivate you to add extra protein to your meals. Additionally, many guests will see your Impact sticker and ask where you bought it.



7. Weightlifting belt

As you are deadlifting, decorate your weight lifting belt with a colorful Impact sticker. Then, you can protect your spine while looking stylish.



8. Watch

When you go out, placing an Impact sticker on your watch will serve as a fun conversation starter. Watch out– you will receive countless compliments on your new addition. 


9. Shin guard

If you play an impact sport, stick an Impact sticker on your protective gear to distract the opposing team. After you win, several opponents might approach you and ask where you bought your Impact sticker. 


10. Mountain Bike

Did you know that wearing a custom mouthguard can improve your endurance while cycling? Sticking your Impact sticker on your bike will remind you to wear your Impact custom mouthguard when you bike. Heads up – you may feel yourself cycling even farther on the trail.



11. Boots

Let’s face it– rugby boots can look boring. However, you can accessorize your boots by adding a cool Impact sticker. Now, you can win in style.


12. Box of Protein bars

If you eat protein bars before an important game or heading off to the gym, add an Impact sticker to your protein bar box. That way, you’ll remember to eat your protein bars before you exercise. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you put on your mouthguard!


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