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September 05, 2018 2 min read 8 Comments

Currently, wearing a mouthguard for Mountain Biking, is a bit like the way it was wearing one for basketball before Stephen Curry and Lebron James started wearing them in the NBA.

 Some do - but most don’t!

I never did!

Even though I’ve had shoulder surgery, hernia surgery and myriad other injuries suffered from going #endoverend more times than I could count, it never really occurred to me to wear my custom mouthguard while I was out on the trail.

And I own a mouthguard company!!

That all changed a few years ago when I was in Minnesota for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival and Race.

To be sure, I am a slow and steady rider, competing only for the joy of finishing.

Which I did - and that’s really wear the story begins…

The day after the race, my buddies and I were out for a Cross Country Mountain Bike ride on a beautiful morning.

Halfway through all was well - my flow was good!

Then, BAM!

#1 Reason To Wear A Custom Mouthguard While Mountain Biking


It happened so quickly - I had no chance to bail.

My front tire hit a stump and holy mackerel, I was face down in the mud, still clipped into my pedals.

Taking stock of my body parts I realized that there was no injury to report.

Still, I laid there, moving only my eyeballs.

To my immediate right, a mere half inch from my mouth, was the rock that would have removed all of my teeth, if I’d been just a fraction over.

The suddenness of the fall shook me and on the balance of the ride I convinced myself wearing a custom mouthguard for Mountain Biking was a top notch idea.

#2 Reason To Wear A Custom Mouth Mountain Biking

Unintended Consequences!

It never occured to me that there would be an additional bonus to feeling safer on my Mountain Bike but there is.


I may be imagining it but when I am able to cinch my jaw down on the mouthguard and clench hard I find going up hills to be easier, smoother and more fluid.

It mentally dials me in for the grind and there seems to be a transfer of energy created by the clench.

The long and short of it is - I like it!

Truth be told - it’s what excites me most about wearing my custom mouthguard for mountain biking.

Comment below on your thoughts about wearing a custom mouthguard for mountain biking.  Good idea? Silly? Similar experience?

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Frank Rabinovitch

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