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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.’s $25,000 Custom-Fit Boxing Mouthguard? Yes Really...

April 17, 2015 2 min read

I guess when your nickname isMoneyit makes sense to invest $25,000 in a mouthguard with gold flakes, pieces of $100 bills, and even some diamond dust sprinkled in for dramatic effect. But let's put that extravagance aside for a moment, and focus on the core product we are talking about; a custom-fit mouthpiece for protection.

Why Choose a Custom-Fit Boxing Mouthguard?

Floyd Mayweather is unquestionably one of the greatest boxers in history in his weight class, and currently posts an undefeated record (we will see if that stays intact after his fight on May 2nd against Manny Pacquiao).

Even Floyd recognizes the importance of wearing a custom-fit mouthguard in the ring, so that when you do get your bell rung (which happens to even the best of fighters in all combat sports), your teeth will still be in your mouth and not on the floor.

Where do You Get One?

Floyd gets his custom mouthguards made by dentist Lee Gause in Manhattan, and if you are looking to get a custom, dental-grade mouthguard and money isnt an issue, seeing a dentist is a great option. However, at Impact Mouthguards we know that most people are on a budget, and dont want to spend hundreds (or in Floyds case thousands) of dollars on a custom-fit mouthguard; it just isnt practical.

At Impact Mouthguards, we send our custom dental-grade impression kits with detailed instructions direct to our customers so they can take their own impressions. They send us the mold back so that we can hand-craft each and every customer a custom-fit mouthpiece that results in a perfect fit and superior protection.

What are You Waiting For?

If you are in the market for a custom-made mouthguard, and want the same (or better) fit than Floyd and other professional athletes have, yet dont want to spend a fortune, then Impact is the answer (actually, Floyd’s mouthguard had a rather poor fit, which will never happen with a custom guard from Impact). Our guards are less than $100, but can still give you the same, or even better result as a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist costing $500 or more. We have created over 7,500 mouthguards for customers around the world, and our mouthguards exceed the quality of custom guards crafted by most dentists.

So what are you waiting for? Order your custom mouthpiece from Impact Mouthguards today!