4 Super Reasons Why You Should Wear a Custom Mouthguard While Playing Basketball

September 20, 2018 1 min read 1 Comment

4 Super Reasons why you should wear a custom mouthguard while playing basketball.

Teeth are more expensive than a mouthguard – IF you take a hit to the face, especially in the mouth, you’re very likely to knock out a tooth, and maybe even several. Did you know - The average tooth replacement in the United States is typically between $3000 - $10,000. The cost of a custom mouthguard at Impact Mouthguards starts at only $49. Kinda makes sense to invest in one!

Power and Recovery -There are studies that indicate a custom mouthguard can help you increase strength when you are able to bite down on your guard.  Not only that - some studies show that after wearing a custom mouthguard your ability to recover is greater and faster.  If you want to play hard today and be ready again tomorrow - wear an Impact Custom Mouthguard.

Design and Style-Sure, Impact Mouthguards fit perfectly. But your mouthguard will really stand out when you chose colors and graphics that fit your personality. Keep on grinning when you dunk on your opponent. Smile wide and show off your style on the court.

Play Like The Pros - Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James all wear a custom mouthguard while playing - Enough said! 



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