February 20, 2021 1 min read

Fresh Year Fresh Gear

That's what Impact is bringing into the new year!

We’re taking the steps to make sure you and your guard and your gear stay as fresh as possible.

Let's talk about clean for a moment.

Is your mouthguard nasty - have you been keeping it clean between uses?

It's not difficult - a quick rinse with cold water and a spray of Guard Health will do the trick.

Trust me, I know what a nasty mouthguard looks like!  If your's has gotten away from you as mine always did in high school (see pic of my guard below) - you can order a clean fresh mouthguard here.


Now more than ever - its critical that you keep your guard clean and as free of germs as possible.

With a quick spritz of Guard Health, 99.9% of bacteria will vanish from the most personal piece of equipment you own and your guard will be minty fresh every time you pop it in.


Let's talk about your gear game?

How's that raggedy old t-short looking on you these days?

Pretty bad right?

Well, you can up your gear game with athlete inspired Tee's from Impact.

Your muscular body will look great in our Tultex T-shirts.

From Kraken to Grizzly To Bearded Badasses we have the look you'll want to know better.

Click here to have a look at the full line of Shirts and stickers.


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