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February 20, 2021 2 min read

4 Reasons to Choose QuickFIT Boil & Bite Mouthguards over CustomFIT Mouthguards

Here at Impact we specialize in handcrafting custom mouthguards - it's what we do!


3 Years ago we designed and developed our QuickFIT Mouthguards for athletes who needed protection but for the following four reasons had to make a choice other than custom.



Athletes who are in Braces/Invisalign need to protect their teeth while they are being corralled back into place.

Through our conversations with orthodontists we find them split 50/50 on the use of custom guards during treatment.  The thinking of the 50% against is that they believe do not provide the space for teeth to shift during treatment.

As a result we set out to design a really comfortable mouthguard that can be formed over the tracks by using warm water.

We start with the same dental grade materials we use to craft our custom mouthguards and form it into a shape that provides a perfect fit over braces.

All the hard uncomfortable bits of a store bought guard have been eliminated and the best part is this - as your teeth shift you can form and reform your guard to fit your new dentition.



When we set out to craft mouthguards 9+ years agowe had a specific goal in mind…

We wanted to handcraft mouthguards at an athlete friendly price.

In keeping with that goal, we designed the QuickFit mouthguard to offer a very competitive price point for any athletes.

Starting at just $29 - QuickFIT mouthguards are truly athlete friendly.

Did you know Impact is the Official Mouthguard of StreetBeefs - we are!

Streetbeefs partnered with Impact to bring a super high quality guard to their 1.9million YouTube Subscribers.

They love the graphics and the athlete friendly price.

Does your team need mouthguards - If Yes - Ask Us About Team Pricing - Its really good!


Fast - Ships quickly

Long ago we learned that athletes with events coming up are laser focused on their training.

As such, they often overlook their equipment needs until the very last moment.

Unlike Custom mouthguards which require 3 shipments on the way to a perfect fitting guard, QuickFIT mouthguards are ready to ship when you order them (unless ordered with custom graphics).

In fact, we will often ship your QuickFIT guard the same day your order comes in.


They Can be custom too!

YES!  QuickFIT guard can be customized with Team Logos, graphics and text just like our fully CustomFIT mouthguard can be.

We can easily set up your Academy, Gym or Team logo to be on a single mouthguard or as many as you need. 

Ordering is easy and uploading your art even easier.

Need Help - We are standing by to assist personally with any question you have.  Click Here For Contact Information.