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It wasn't that long ago that I was a bit cavalier about how I stored my mouthguard between games.

Click video above for details.

How nasty is it that I stored my guard in the bottom of my sweaty helmet?

Nestled in between wet socks and who know's what number of germs.

All that changed about a year ago when I was really given a lesson in health.

I had what doctors call a Fever of Unknown Origin.

For weeks I had a temperature that could not be diagnosed even after countless blood tests and other diagnostic means.

I got better - 100% - but I often wonder - how did I get, what was it , that I had.

Especially now - with Covid-19 among us. 

It was that experience that really motivated me to reduce germs in my life where possible.

Keeping my Impact Mouthguard clean was certainly easy and possible!

Since then - I take especially good care of my Impact Mouthguard when I play hockey.

  1. I rinse it with cold water after use
  2. I spray it withGuard Health to clean and sanitize it
  3. I store it in an Antimicrobial Case
  4. Right before my game I spray it withGuard Health again

I do not brush my Impact Mouthguard because if done too vigouously, the bristles will create scratches that can harbor more germs.

My new regimen is working well and my Impact Mouthguard tastes great.

I'm not at all suggesting that this process will stop anybody from contracting the virus but I am happy that I'm taking far less chances with my health when I pop my Impact Mouthguard in to play the game that I love.

Take a close look at how you or your kid are cleaning their Impact Mouthguard and see how you could improve.

By the way - I just took my own advice and discovered how horribly dirty my daughters Impact Mouthguard was - its pictured above - YUCK! - She just got a major lesson in how to keep hers clean for lacrosse.

Frank - Owner and Founder - 


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