If you’re waking up each morning with achy, sensitive teeth or a sore jaw, you could be clenching and grinding your teeth while you sleep. Whether you are a hard or soft grinder, Impact has the right Custom Night Guard and Retainer for you.

Begin building your own Impact Custom Night Guard or Retainer by selecting one below. 

Not sure which guard is right for you? 

  • HARD NIGHT GUARD—If your nighttime grinding is heavy to severe, you’ll love the relief you’ll find in our Hard Night Guard.
  • HYBRID NIGHT GUARD—If your nighttime grinding is moderate to heavy, you’ll love our soft inside, hard outside dual laminate, Hybrid Night Guard.
  • SOFT NIGHT GUARD—If your nighttime grinding is light to moderate, you’ll love our thin profile, Soft Night Guard!
  • DAY GUARD—If you find yourself clenching or grinding during the day, you’ll love our Day Guard!
  • RETAINER—If you’d like to keep your smile in place, you’ll love our crystal clear, thin, Essix Style Retainers!