If you’re waking up each morning with achy, sensitive teeth or a sore jaw, you could be clenching and grinding your teeth while you sleep. Whether you are a hard or soft grinder, Impact has the right Custom Night Guard and Retainer for you.

All Impact Night Guards, Day Guards and Retainers are 50% off. 

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Begin building your own Impact Custom Night Guard or Retainer by selecting one below. 

Not sure which guard is right for you? 

  • HARD NIGHT GUARD—If your nighttime grinding is heavy to severe, you’ll love the relief you’ll find in our Hard Night Guard.
  • HYBRID NIGHT GUARD—If your nighttime grinding is moderate to heavy, you’ll love our soft inside, hard outside dual laminate, Hybrid Night Guard.
  • SOFT NIGHT GUARD—If your nighttime grinding is light to moderate, you’ll love our thin profile, Soft Night Guard!
  • DAY GUARD—If you find yourself clenching or grinding during the day, you’ll love our Day Guard!
  • RETAINER—If you’d like to keep your smile in place, you’ll love our crystal clear, thin, Essix Style Retainers!