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Impact Custom Mouthguards is the Fastest Growing Mouthguard Company in the US! Here’s why!

Impact Mouthguards
Rated 5/5 based on 214 reviews

I just wanted to give a "shout-out" to Impact.  We ordered a mouthguard that just did not fit right. We sent an email and you suggested we send it back with instructions for trimming.  Mt daughter received the trimmed mouthguard last week and it fits very comfortably!  We are so pleased with not only your product but also your customer service.  Thank you, thank you!

07/17/16 Kayanne Barilla MMA

Without a doubt your mouthguards are the finest I have ever used. This was actually my fourth one ordered from you, two for me and two for my 10 year old son. I play hockey, he plays hockey and lacrosse. Before your product, i would never wear a mouthguard. and although that made my dentist happy, it made my wife mad. Now that I have reversed those two, all is good in our house.  My friends said I was crazy to spend that much on a mouthguard for my 10 year old son, but honestly I think I spend less in a season now because he is not chewing on it like gum as he did burning through a dozen $10 guards. Thanks for making such a good product!

07/16/16 Josh Ice Hockey

You guys are amazing ! Thank you so much.

12/10/15 Jimmy Wade Kick Boxing

Hello! I received the mouthguard I ordered for basketball today and it fits amazing!! It's a perfect fit right on my teeth and it is thin thank you!!

12/04/15 Ryan Adams BASKETBALL

I received it today and it was worth the hassle and wait. I love it and will be wearing it in my boxing match Wednesday night at our annual St. Louis Guns 'N Hoses! Thank you for the rush on it once we got it figured out.

11/25/15 Rhonda BOXING

I love my guard so much it helps so much I was biting down far too hard just be not wearing the guard. It was incredible and talking was so easy with understand me thank you so so much

11/22/15 Katherine Wurl WEIGHT LIFTING

Hey sir...thank you again so much. The mouth piece worked perfect. Felt like there was nothing even there. Also.... I won by first round tko 2 minutes in. I will for sure be posting my praise to you guys on your site. Again thank you You guys are an amazing company. Never will buy another mouth piece from any where but you

11/22/15 Donny Bonini MMA

Wow! Nicest mouthguard I've ever seen! I appreciate all of your help making this happen, We'll get a social media post out once we touch down in OK. Amazing! Thanks again a ton!

11/13/15 Lance Gibson BOXING

My son uses the sport guard and I ordered a hard night guard because I am a night grinder. My son loves his, but when mine came it was TIGHT! I couldn't get it out using a finger on each side, rather only one side would remove it. After wearing it only 2 1/2 weeks, it cracked. I called the number given, and spoke with a very helpful customer service woman. She said she would talk with the owner of the company and get back to me. Well, she did ­ the next day! They made me a new one. The only negative ­ it took over 4 weeks to get the new one, but it came 2 days ago ­ much better fit! Also, it's not as hard as the first. I think that the slight pliability of the mouthpiece makes it roomier (but not too much so) and easier to remove. Thank you for standing by your product and your willingness to make sure your customers are pleased with the product.

11/11/15 Cindy A. NIGHT GUARD

It fits great. I love it. I am going to order another next week.

11/09/15 Chinedu Ekeh MMA

Hello, Received my mouth guards and it fits great, it's awesome, thank you very much!!!!

11/06/15 Monika Hadvigerova MARTIAL ARTS

My son loves his mouth guard!

11/01/15 Jessica Hensley HOCKEY

Hi Frank! Received the mouth guards yesterday and they fit perfectly! Aiden is one happy kid!! Thanks!

10/27/15 Tina HOCKEY

I got the new mouthguard and it's perfect! Thank you!

10/23/15 Michelle Krimmel ROLLER DERBY

Dear Mr. Rabinovitch, I just got the mouthguard and it’s great! I really want to thank you guys for doing such a good job. The mouthguard looks cool and it is also incredibly comfortable. I’ll post something on social media after my football game this Saturday. I can’t wait to use the mouthguard in the game.

10/23/15 Luke Bienstock FOOTBALL/RUGBY

We actually had a girl get NAILED in the mouth with a shot last week, and she came out with nothing but a cut up lip. They all complimented the mouthguards!!!

10/22/15 Carly Zinn COACH York College of Pennsylvania

Just some personal feedback ­­ I bought my mouth guard before the 2014 International Cup. Custom design and fitted perfectly. The concept was simple, it came back almost immediately. I still use it today, it's in great shape after 30+ matches of AFL. Thank you for a great product and your continued support of our great game. I would recommend to anyone in sports!

10/22/15 Bryan Dragus Aussie Rules Football

Perfect thank you! Both mouthguards fit really well!

10/19/15 Rachel Great house LACROSSE and NIGHT GUARD

Frank, mouth guard arrived today Mike loves the fit. Thanks for all your help!

10/19/15 Jeff Goodrich HOCKEY

Got the mouth guard today. fits great and the color is awesome.

10/12/15 Viktor Lu HOCKEY

The fit is perfect! My son loves the way it feels in his mouth!

10/07/15 Ken Aguiar HOCKEY

Look No Further! Outstanding product by outstanding people!

10/05/15 Joseph Salud MMA

Great Experience! Nice People!

09/24/15 Terrence Wells Softball

I just received my mouthguard from you all, and it fits like a glove!

09/22/15 Mallory Sherman Roller Derby

I received my mouth guard last week and it fits perfectly!

09/22/15 Colin Mansfield Jiu Jitsu

I want to let you know we received my son’s mouth guard yesterday. He absolutely loves it. He popped it in his mouth and you could literally hear it POP into place. He said it was extremely comfortable and after about 10 minutes of running around doing what a 15 year old does when he gets home from football practice he said he didn’t even feel it or realize it was still in his mouth. The school logo looks very cool on the mouth guard as well. The only issue was the name on the bottom was misspelled. Please see the attached photo. You guys do make a great product and my son can't wait to get to practice today to let the guy's check out his personal school logo mouth guard and see how it performs during full gear hitting practice today but I did want to make you aware of the spelling mistake.

08/26/15 Scott Stoltz FOOTBALL

Thank you for solving this issue! I apologize for my frantic email earlier today. I absolutely love your product and have been spreading your company name around my team, telling them to get their mouth guards from you guys! Best ones on the market!

08/22/15 Jackson Alexander DeWitt RUGBY

Great product and service. Really easy process and fast turnaround time. Very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this company if you need a any type of mouth guard.

08/21/15 Ron Davis NIGHT GUARD

The mouth guard is perfect. Fit and finish is perfect. Customer service is Perfect. Did I mention this experience is PERFECT. I will happily order again. I am beyond impressed with the guard and fit and finish for this price. It is PERFECT!

08/21/15 Jared Hernandez BOXING

1. Thank you! I played with my new mouthguard in a footy game on Saturday and it worked wonderfully. People could actually understand me on the field. My previous mouthguard was too big and I could barely talk with it in. Super happy to have it.

07/27/15 Stephanie Lottridge AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL

2. Hello Mr. Rabinovitch! I received my mouthpiece today and can I just say... wow! This mouthpiece fits perfectly, it feels great, and it doesn't mess with my air flow at all like other mouthpieces! I'm extremely impressed for the price. I will definitely be telling my coach and teammates to order from you guys if they need mouthpieces!

07/27/15 Evan Smith WRESTLING

3. It took us a while to receive....an email and phone call and everything was handled appropriately & fast! Will order again & refer friends...worth the wait!

07/13/15 Crystal BOXING

4. Your customer service and personal attention is outstanding,....and is in fact the primary reason why I choose Impact. Kudos to you.

07/08/15 Jimmy Parrish FIELD HOCKEY

5. My daughter loves this mouthguard, definitely worth the money. She is able to communicate on the field with her teammates, which is a must in girls lacrosse. Really glad Impact Mouthguard kept my daughter's mold on file, so we were able to reorder a replacement very quickly. Absolutely recommend!

07/04/15 Anonymous LACROSSE

6. Hello Kathy! I came home to my mouthguards waiting for me. I test fit them and I am in total amazement of the fit. I have worn boil & bites, the 2 part gel mixed, the shock dr type. This is the best for me, no gag and it comes out only when I remove it by hand. And my name print is a very nice touch.

06/30/15 Preston Wada BASKETBALL

7. Awesome custom guard. I will Never go back to the boil and bite guards now that I have had these. Best fit and comfort ever!

06/30/15 Cole Nelson JIU JITSU

8. Thank you for the mouth piece it just came in and again the fit is nothing short of great!

06/02/15 Michael Wright JIU JITSU

9. Just received my custom mouthguards. It fits great! I love it! Thank you guys so much at impact! Definitely going to have some of my friends place orders as well! Great product great customer service! Thank you.

06/01/15 Albin Delic BOXING

10. Customer Service is the reason I will only use/recommend you.

05/14/15 Matty Sundberg HOCKEY

11. I just received my mouth guard and it fit great even better than the one my dentist gave me.

05/14/15 Stacey Smalls ROLLER DERBY

12. My son who is a point guard loves his new mouthguard from impact! Great fit and easy to talk with it in, already have friends ordering for their kids!

05/11/15 Corrine Willette BASKETBALL

13. Guards are GREAT! Thank you!

05/08/15 Daniel Acampora WATER POLO

14. I play rugby religiously and I received my Impact mouth guard about two months ago. The very first match using it I took a foot to the face and numerous headbutts and elbows to the mouth. Without a doubt this has been the best purchase I have ever made and Impact has definitely saved me from swallowing my teeth! I recommend these guards to any/every serious athlete. Thanks Impact for keeping me pretty!

04/17/15 Jamie Bates RUGBY

15. I just received my mouthguard in the mail and I love it.

03/30/15 Robert Byrne BOXING

16. Great product ­ my son (Riot 2017) absolutely loves his Riot mouthguard!!

03/26/15 Barry Marenberg LACROSSE

17. Feels like driving a brand new Cadillac! What have I been missing??

03/26/15 Brannon Armstrong MMA

Thank you great customer service my son is recommending to his teammates. I will be ordering a new set for my daughter as soon as her final adult teeth come in. Probably this summer.

03/26/15 David Schlesinger LACROSSE

We received the mouthguards and they turned out GREAT! Thank you.

3/23/15 Heidi Hammond HOCKEY

Yes, it fit perfect. So much better than the "boil and mold" one I was using last year.

03/20/15 Stephany Ripley FOOTBALL

Matches me perfectly and fits great. I am spreading the word and am posting pics tonight.

03/17/15 LeAnn Layman FOOTBALL

Just got my product! Dang beautiful! Thanks. Fits comfortably and I believe I'll be able to sell pretty much everybody in the gym thank you so much.

03/17/15 Bobby Pena MMA

Got it. Fits perfect.

03/17/15 Michael Alexander JIU JITSU

YAH! Guard is Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

03/16/15 Kari Voight RUGBY

We bought a Impact mouth guard a couple of years ago, and it worked so well that when it came time to order new ones, we added one for my second son. There was some initial confusion on the order, however the team at Custom Impact stepped in and ensured that we had our product in time for the boys tournament.I would highly recommend that you look into custom impact, as the product fits so well, and the kids love the flavors.

03/14/15 Joe Koch HOCKEY

Great news, the mouth guards came in and fit great. Thank you again for all your help.

03/14/15 Kyle Kohler JIU JITSU

Thank you very much. You have been extremely helpful throughout this process.

03/10/15 JIU JITSU

The mouthguard fits great! Thank you!

03/04/15 Carly Manto ( bad gag reflex ) FIELD HOCKEY

I couldn't believe how great it fit!!

03/02/15 Stacey Miller MUAY THAI

I have used numerous "boil and bite" mouthguards over many years. My Impact Custom Mouthguard is by far the most comfortable and cost conscious mouthguard I have ever owned. I highly recommend Impact Custom Mouthguards to everyone who wants a high quality mouthguard and also wants to save money in the long run.

02/23/15 Terry Sharp HOCKEY

I am super excited to receive my kit in the mail. I have played contact sports my whole life, and have never had a custom mouthguard due to the cost factor. Thank you IMPACT for making this option available to all sports enthusiasts!

02/14/15 Jamie Bates RUGBY

Fits great! Quality Fantastic! Thanks for the fast turnaround!

02/09/15 Brian Culbertson MTN BIKING/BMX

Hi Frank, Just wanted to let you know I received my mouthguard in the mail yesterday and I love it! The fit is great, the mouthguard is comfortable, and it feels a lot more protective than the old one I was using (that got tossed in the trash last night!). Can't wait to try sparring with this one­­it'll be nice to be able to focus on the competition rather than when I can get the awkward plastic thing out of my mouth Thanks again­­I'll probably be ordering another one within the six months that you keep the mold on file just so I have a perfect backup as well!

02/09/15 Kristyn Million MARTIAL ARTS

I received it today and the fit seems to be perfect. Thanks!

02/02/15 Matt Wojtowicz WEIGHT LIFTING

She is very confident with it during games and has no problem being understood on the field.

02/02/15 Cate Dean LACROSSE

Thank you they have received it and the love it. Great Job Thank you very much!

02/02/15 Ruben J Martinez LACROSSE

I just wanted to say thanks again for making this such an easy process!

01/06/15 Christopher LACROSSE

Thanks for your response! I was impressed with the feedback I found online regarding Impact, so I decided to just order today. I can’t wait to stop using that uncomfortable boil and bite mouthguard I’ve been using the last couple of months!

01/13/15 Kristyn Million MARTIAL ARTS

Thank you for your brilliant product and courteous service!

12/28/14 Baila Boxer JIU JITSU

I am absolutely shocked with the quality of the mouth piece. It fits great and literally got to pull it out your mouth and it won't move, once it's in, it's in. And the protection is astonishing, and you completely forget it's in your mouth.

12/18/14 Abraham Mahdi MMA

Mouthguard is working well! Breathing much better & I don’t have to worry about gag reflex when sparring/rolling which now enables me to better concentarte on the task at hand! Thanks!!

12/15/14 Jeremy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Yes! It doesn't move unless I use my hands.

12/11/14 Noah Chong Basketball

44. Kathy, I really appreciate the time you've taken to contact me about my order. For sure getting great review from me.

12/04/14 Jake Smith MMA

45. By the way, We are very Happy with the mouthpiece order and I am going to reccomend you to our High School Lax Team.

11/10/14 Robert LACROSSE

46. and YES!!!!!! I cannot believe how well the mouthguard fits!! Jordan wore it to sparring last week and I'm going this week and will wear it. I am seriously blown away at how non­invasive it feels, your product is stellar!!!

11/10/14 Katie Ingraham Jiu Jitsu

47. Oh my goodness! I just wanted to tell you how amazing this guard is! Fits perfectly!

11/05/14 Olivia Perry ROLLER DERBY

48. Thank you so much for the replacement mouthguard ! It is so nice to deal with a company that stands behind your product. We will be ordering again and telling all of our Football and Lacrosse friends about your mouthguards!

10/30/14 Connie Bass FOOTBALL

49. On another note this mouth guard saved my teeth last January when I took a puck in the face during a game, so I am very impressed with the product.

10/27/14 Jacob Picek HOCKEY

50. Frank, Wow! That's all I have to say, the mouth guard is absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much! It really is perfect, I love it! I will definitely be recommending Impact Mouthguards to everyone! Amazing work, thank you again. One very satisfied customer, Spencer.

10/24/14 Spencer Christian Basketball

51. I received the mouth guard today and it fits ten times better. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.

10/20/14 Victor Aquech HOCKEY

52. I love my impact mouthguard. I have never been able to find a mouth guard that would fit perfectly, let me yell clearly, and even breathe properly, until I bought an impact mouthguard. It fits so well and let's me play the way I want too, that I forget that I have it in. I am no longer immediately removing it when I'm in a huddle or after the game. I love the way it feels, the way it looks, and even the way it tastes (I have the mint version). I will never go back to a regular mouthguard.

10/19/14 Lisa Arredondo Aussie Rules Football

53. I finally got to play a game wearing my new mouthguard! The fit of the mouthguard was great! It is the first time that I have been able to keep a mouthguard in throughout the entire quarter. In fact, when we took a quarter­time break, I almost forgot that I still had my mouthguard in. I was able to breathe easily with the mouthguard and was also able to talk on the field with it in. As I said, it was so comfortable, I almost forgot that I was wearing it!

10/19/14 Judith Stein Aussie Rules Football

54. My Impact mouthguard is great! It is very comfortable and easy to talk with.

10/19/14 Bri Theisen Aussie Rules Football

55. LOVE THIS MOUTHGUARD!! Forget it's in when I'm playing sometimes!! Lots of designs and colors to choose from :)

10/19/14 Lauren Shelton Aussie Rules Football

56. I've had the same mouth guard since 2005. It was a cheap do­it­yourself job that happened to fit well. But this one is much thinner which is a huge improvement. Communication on the field is so important and you don't want to have to take out your mouthguard every time you want to be heard. Thanks!

10/19/14 Emily Riehl Aussie Rules Football

57. This the best mouth guard I have ever had! It is super light and thin and it makes it easy to communicate on the field. I forget I even have it in. My favorite piece of footy equipment!

10/19/14 Julie Marks Aussie Rules Football

58. Great mouth guard, I used to take my old one out whenever the play was at the other end of the field and immediately after the game, with the Impact mouth guard I forget sometimes it's in because it's so easy to talk and drink. I would have worn my retainer more if it fit like this.

10/19/14 Jessica Lund Aussie Rules Football

59. I love the Impact mouthguard. I have worn it for a couple games now and after the first couple minutes I don't even notice I have it in. Australian rules football requires a lot of communication and with the Impact mouthguard I can continue to talk as though I wasn't wearing it. I would recommend this product to all of my friends and in fact have recommended it to all of my teammates.

10/19/14 Marie LaVictoire Aussie Rules Football

60. Love my Impact mouthguard! I play Australian Rules Football which requires a lot of running. My last mouth guard was big and bulky and made it tough to breath. My new Impact mouth guard fits perfect and allows me run at full speed.

10/19/14 Cathy Hoha Aussie Rules Football

61. Love my new Impact mouth guard. First mouth guard I've ever been able to wear and talk without taking it out.

10/19/14 Nicole Fasula Aussie Rules Football

62. I’ve been playing contact sports for the past 13 years. I’ve never had a mouth guard fit like the Impact guard does. It’s snug against my teeth and doesn’t slip or fall out. The cool thing is, if I lose my mouth guard, Impact Protection has my mouth molding on file, so they can get me a replacement guard immediately. Plus it’s fun that you can select different colors and even add a logo to the guard.

10/19/14 Aussie Rules Football

63. Rockin' my Impact mouth guard. Best mouth guard I've ever had.

10/19/14 Courtney Church Aussie Rules Football

64. I got my mouthguard, it’s amazing. Thank you so much! I Love it!

09/23/14 Tra Linen MMA

65. Just got Matt’s mouthguard in the mail. Perfect Fit! He loves it! Thanks!

09/23/14 Mike Mitchko HOCKEY

66. Frank and Jeff, I got my new impact mouthguard and it is awesome. Not only does it look cool but I really can talk, drink, and breathe very well. I think it will definitely improve my game and my protection so thank you so much for all your help and making me the perfect guard.

09/11/14 Jamie McMillan HOCKEY

67. Great mouth guard. my 9 year old hockey player has chewed his way through the previous 6 mouth guards that he's owned. i could always spot him on the ice because it would be hanging out of his mouth while he skated. this impact mouth guard fits perfectly and during first tournament of the season i only saw it when he smiled. i'm very satisfied because my son is happy and his teeth are protected. Thank you Frank!

09/03/14 Julia HOCKEY

68. It’s PERFECT! Thank you so much! He loves it!

09/02/14 Paul Kaplan HOCKEY

69. Frank I wanted to thank you we have received the mouth guard's and we are happy with them thanks again.

09/01/14 Hugo Garcia BOXING 

70. did receive. It fits him GREAT!

08/21/14 Lamont Roach BOXING

71 . Hey Jeff I just got my mouth piece and I love it thanks so much!

08/16/14 Seth Markle FOOTBALL

72. I picked up one of your mouthguards at my kids lax tournament this summer to use when I play hockey and it is completely amazing. i never would wear a mouth guard before this one because of fit and comfort issues but your product changed everything. thanks

08/11/14 Josh Reece HOCKEY

73. Andres is a HAPPY BOY! He said it feels like part of his teeth!

08/04/14 Zobeida Ocasio BASEBALL

74. Mouthguard is PERFECT! Going to order a second one this week!

08/04/14 Nick Tsigos HOCKEY

75. Mouth guard fits perfect! Thanks, job well done. Expect referrals!

07/29/14 Bryan Dragus Aussie Rules Football

76. "Ours came today, looks great and fits perfect!" "Great fit! My son is Loving the new BUKU mouth guard we received today."

07/28/14 Tim DeMarco LACROSSE

77. These are awesome and save you money in the long run because they can't chew the ends off. Will easily last a whole season. Have one on order right now for upcoming hockey season.

07/25/14 Zac York HOCKEY

78. I would put this Guard up against any competitor company. You did an amazing job.

07/15/14 Erick Flores MMA

79. I have had over 40 Mma fights and I have NEVER had a mouth guard that fit like this. Great work!!!!

07/07/14 Kendrick Johnson MMA

80. As a hockey player I have tried dozens of mouthguards over the years. This is the only one I have ever used that really does the trick. I will actually wear it for a whole game. I can talk with it in, drink with it and don't really even notice it is there. Amazing product.

06/26/14 JR HOCKEY

81. I am very satisfied with the process to make the mold and the overall outcome of the mouthpiece. The graphic I selected was well placed and looks nice and the colors are great too. Another thing is I have also suggested it to other teammates and they were very interested

06/10/14 James LACROSSE

82. YES, I GOT IT AND LOVE IT!!! My apologies for not reaching out to you sooner. It’s awesome...I love it. going to take a few pics and send your way. The fit is great...

06/04/14 DJ Walton USA BOXING

83. Its been close to year but I actually use this mouth guard all of the time. I've stopped using the SISU­Protech mouthguard!

06/04/14 Teresa Von Bitner ROLLER DERBY

84. Great customer service and fast processing time and great product!

05/28/14 Riley HOCKEY

85. Thank you Frank, it was an awesome experience working with you guys!

05/21/14 Greg Saakyan JIU JITSU

86. My son loves the mouth guard, fits, clicks in place...he can talk and breathe!! Thank you!

05/19/14 Dianna Burgess LACROSSE

87. “I’ve been playing contact sports for the past 13 years. I’ve never had a mouth guard fit like the Impact guard does. It’s snug against my teeth and doesn’t slip or fall out. The cool thing is, if I lose my mouth guard, Impact Protection has my mouth molding on file, so they can get me a replacement guard immediately. Plus it’s fun that you can select different colors and even add a logo to the guard.”

05/19/14 Sara Rohner FOOTY

88. I have finally received my mouthguard! IT LOOKS GREAT! I would like to tell you that I am very satisfied with the mouthguard that you have provided me with. Thank you!

05/14/14 Kevin Oh MMA

89. Besides it being customized to look the way I wanted, the fit and quality of the mouthpiece is just superb! As a professional Thai and MMA Fighter I have used countless mouthpieces over the last 20 years in this business and this one is the best hands down!

05/12/14 Amir Dedic MUAY THAI

90. In the past 5 years I have tried just about everything, seriously.The latest was a sisu but it was not comfortable (rubbed the inside of my lips), it made me gag and after watching a teammate lose a tooth while wearing one I was on the hunt for something better. I was intimidated by the do­it­yourself process but it was painless and the final product is hardly even noticeable!

05/09/14 Caryn Batista ROLLER DERBY

91. These mouthguards are amazing, they are very comfortable and protect you well. I will now be a impact customer for life.

04/29/14 Jake Alshammiry HOCKEY

92. I am very impressed with your enthusiasm and excellent, speedy response time. If the completed guard is anything like your service we are assured to have a great product!

04/24/14 Nate Benson LACROSSE

93. First guard great! Second guard great! Customer service EXCELLENT! Turnaround time EXCELLENT! I will definitely promote your business!

04/24/14 Robert Moore MMA

94. Just wanted to say thanks for the fast turnaround and a great product.

04/21/14 Travis Sevilla BASKETBALL

95. I received the mouthguard and it fits great! I'm going to be ordering another based on the same mold shortly.

04/17/14 Rustin Brown JIU­JITSU

96. Thanks for all of your great service!

04/16/14 Jess Anteimi SUNY Cortland Coach LACROSSE

97. I got my hands on the guard yesterday when I got home from Training Camp in Denver this past weekend. Man, what a good fit. It's not bulky and forcing my top lip out like other guards I've worn. The fit is snug, but I don't feel like I'm pulling out my teeth when I want to pop it out. Really happy with it and can't wait to use it this next weekend at Training Camp in Baltimore.

04/14/14 Jeremy Sieverts MAJOR LEAGUE LACROSSE

98. Fits perfectly, custom logo crystal clear and $200 cheaper than a dentist. I'm very impressed with Impact's order flow and their process­ having you text a photo of the imprinted mold probably saves all sorts of hassles. Very savvy. Anyway, the guard works perfectly.

04/11/14 Kevin JIU JITSU

99. Both kids have already used them for 3 games and they love them.

03/31/14 Mike Ottum HOCKEY

100. I received my guard and it was perfect thank you!

03/28/14 Tyler Kline HOCKEY

101. The mouth guard that you made is great. Fits awesome, cool designs on it, and is very comfortable. Thanks a lot.

03/25/14 Kyle Craig Franklin Pierce College HOCKEY

102. WOW! That is an awesome mouth guard! Thank you VERY much for working so closely with us to get this perfect for him!

03/21/14 Janie Dunn ROLLER HOCKEY

103. Thank you, Frank! We received the mouthguards and the girls love them!

03/20/14 Shari Moody LACROSSE

104. Got the mouthguard, fits great!

03/17/14 Henry Staaterman BASKETBALL

105. Never before have I had a company reach out and contact me for a sample; I could not be more ecstatic with it! It fits my mouth COMPLETELY different ­ night and day difference between store bought! It doesn't even compare to the rubber pieces you buy from your local sports store, the game has literally changed now for me. For one simple reason, I can breathe. I can breathe and talk almost as perfectly as if I didn't have the mouthpiece in. It's that secure and tight of a fit. Not only is it beautifully designed to fit my teeth perfectly, the team handled the graphic and made it look gorgeous on the front of the guard! Outstanding effort from this team, they really do whatever they can to maintain customer satisfaction. Thank you kindly to Impact!

03/10/14 Blair Davidson UNLV LACROSSE

106. "Just got my guard in.. fits better than a custom made glove! I love it. I will be convincing my TKD team to get theirs asap."!

03/06/14 Casey Holley JIU­JITSU

107. Hi, we received guards. Love them!

03/04/14 Dahlia Pena LACROSSE

108. Thank you for the perfect fit!

03/02/14 Darryl Tomlin MMA

109. Thanks for my weight lifting mouthguards. I love Impact Mouthguards and promote your product to all my friends and teammates.

03/02/14 Peula Reggae WEIGHT LIFTING

110. "Love my mouthguard! It fits like a glove, and doesn't move at all! Thank you Impact Mouthguards!"

02/24/14 Tricia Michelle JIU­JITSU

111. They fit Great! Can’t wait to get punched in the mouth! Thanks!

02/24/14 Ryan Hudson MMA

112. I just got my mouth guard today and I love how it turned out. It fits perfectly too.

02/20/14 Jamison Mahar LACROSSE

113. LOVE IT!

02/20/14 Lee Morris JIU­JITSU

114. All fit perfectly. The girls loved them. Will take some pics and send your way :)

02/11/14 Sarah Gallion Women’s Lacrosse Coach Jacksonville University LACROSSE

115. Elle loves her mouthguard. The Fit is perfect!

02/10/14 Christine Sholl SKIING

116. Thank you so much. This guard has been perfect!

02/10/14 David Hoftizer HOCKEY

117. It looks very good and fits great, thanks!

02/06/14 Lee Morris MMA

118. I totally endorse this product. A mouthguard that fits like a glove, and has impact protection, not to mention the customization!! Fancy.

02/06/14 Demand Riot ROLLER DERBY

119. Huge shout out to Impact Mouthguards for hooking me up with the best mouthguard I have ever had. If you are a fighter on any level and do not have one of these ­ SHAME ON YOU! Fits like a glove.

02/05/14 Billy Dee Williams MMA

120. After a year the last mouthguard is still a perfect, beautiful fit! I want two more!

02/04/14 Kareem Wilson Basketball

121. Hey Jeff, Just a quick update. We've had a down season. That being said, guys would typically stray from what's been asked of them. One thing I asked them at the beginning of the season is to wear their mouth guards. At one point in our games against FSU this past weekend, I expected to see guys without their mouth guards in. To my surprise, everyone had them in. I think that speaks volumes about your product! I'm glad we were able to get these to our players. Thanks for all your help and for developing a great product. I have no problem talking about it or endorsing it. Thanks again.

01/31/14 Mike Robinson Coach Auburn University HOCKEY

122. I purchased a custom mouth guard from you about a year ago and I have to say it was by far one of the best investments I have ever made the quality is second to none.

01/30/14 Jake Constant BOXING

123. Frank, and Impact Mouthguards, It was a pleasure to speak with you over the phone, you've made me feel like my teeth are in good hands!

01/29/14 Casey Holly TAE KWON DO

124. First day training with the new mouth guard its awesome thanks impact mouth guard. I recommend to everyone to get a impact mouth guard.

01/28/14 Ryan Brettingham MMA

125. Love the new mouthguard. Thank you!!

01/27/14 Tammi Peffer Grumski LACROSSE

126. These were the best deals I have received was my set of mouthguards. The quality are awesome and the turnaround time was lighting fast. I have searched and searched which lead me to impact custom mouth guard Frank was awesome with the custom service as well. The price was great and the mouth guard works like a charm.

01/21/14 Clarence Chaney MMA

127. We just had our first practice of double sessions and i got to use it and it felt great. Communicating with my team was much easier! I got lots of compliments! I'll be sure to spread the word.

01/18/14 Danielle Delisio COLLEGE LACROSSE

128. It is the best mouth guard I have ever used!

01/17/14 Keith Richardson MMA

129. Guys these mouthpieces are awesome and for the price unbeatable. Joe pacheco and Ricky Rainey both use this company for their televised events.

01/17/14 Michael Allen Gym Owner MMA

130. It's awesome! I wore it last night to practice and it was great! I was "pushing" how great it was! ;­)

01/16/14 Melody Broider Spank Alley Skate Shop Owner ROLLER DERBY

131. Fits perfectly, Love it.

01/16/14 Juan Munoz MMA

132. I spoke to the girls today and they all love the guards!

01/15/14 Brian Eisenberg Womens Lacrosse Coach Chapman University LACROSSE

133. Hi Jeff, I received my new custom mouth guard and it's great, just like you said. I would be interested in team pricing.

01/14/14 Danielle Thompson President, Board of Directors, Minnesota Machine WOMEN’S TACKLE FOOTBALL

134. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you've spent for me. I will be sure to spread the word!

01/14/14 Danielle Delisio LACROSSE

135. I received my mouthguard today and was able to spar for the first time in THREE months. Thank you so much. The guard is great.

01/14/14 Tiffany Wimmer MMA

136. Derby guard is great. Actually took an elbow across the face the first night I wore it & my teeth are no worse for it!

01/14/14 Polly Atomic ROLLER DERBY

137. Happy New Year!!! The mouth guards are great!! The team uses them all the time.

01/10/14 Bob Patnesky Wrestling Coach ­ Davidson College WRESTLING

138. Great! This is far cheaper then a Dental Bill and much more comfortable! Nancy Harvey

1/10/14 HOCKEY

139. Love it Frank! Thank You!

01/10/14 Sam Spengler MMA

140. I will be looking good wearing your colors! I will send a pic. Love Ya Guys!

01/07/14 Ali Vasquez MMA

141. Yes sir. It's great. Much better than any other I've tried!

01/05/14 Jacob McLauchlin DDS

142. Delivered the guard yesterday. Fit perfectly. Worked great! And, a LOT less work for me! Thanks! I’ve got another kid coming in soon.

12/26/13 Michael I. Barr DDS

143. I recently purchased an impact mouthguard for my son. What an easy, convenient, and quick process. I was a little skeptical at first, but we received the mouthguard and its a perfect fit. We appreciate the extra effort to get the logo right. I will highly recommend this product to my son's friends and team mates. Tim Montague ­

12/26/13 HOCKEY

144. I was waiting to get a picture to send U! The mouthguard is great! Thank U so much!

Tammi Grumski 12/24/13 HOCKEY

145. Hey, my name is Shawn Lafferty and I just received my order from you all. Just wanted to tell you that you guys did an awesome job. It looks and fits too good. I will absolutely be sending my friends to you all. They wanted to see how mine looked and then they were gonna go from there. Just wanted to say thanks and what a good job it was.

Shawn Lasfferty 12/23/13 ­ MMA

146. Fits great, doesn't feel like you have a hockey puck in your mouth. The staff kept contact with me to make sure that it was designed the way I wanted it. Great product and staff! ­

Lee ­ 12/19/13 HOCKEY

147. My son loves his mouth guard, the process was very easy and very affordable. He looks forward to getting his second one soon.

Barbara ­ 12/18/13 LACROSSE

148. Perfect Fit! By Far the best custom mouth piece we have ever purchased. Thanks for a great product!

Breenan Macias ­ 12/03/13 BOXING

149. Hello my friends at Impact, I wanted to send a message regarding my recent purchase. I am very satisfied with my mouth guard. I have had to other custom ones, a shockdoctor (which cost a fortune and fit poorly) a Gladiator Guard, which fit great but didn't cover enough of my gums and now an impact. The guard is perfect in all ways! I will tell everyone at my bjj school to check you out. Thanks again for the excellent product.

Robert Moore ­ 12/1/13 BJJ

150. These things are unreal!! I really want to thank you, I really appreciate the the time and craft you put in to those! They both fit perfect, and the multi­colored one is outright DOPE! haha. I will be sure to spread the word and send people your way!

Nick Coyne ­11/30/13 LACROSSE

151. He likes the mouthguard a lot. I have not seen it hanging out of his mouth so it must be a perfect fit. He really likes the design.

Shane Galis ­ 11/26/13 Hockey

152. Thanks so much !! We love it!! ­

Ann Baskin ­ 11/19/13 Hockey

153. My son loves the mouthguard and was happily wearing it all evening! They look great and he says they feel perfect. ­

Kimberlee Gilbert 11/08/13 LACROSSE

154. The mouth­guard fits flawlessly and was very affordable, considering that it is custom fitted. Service was very fast, pain free, and I look forward to ordering a 2nd guard very soon. ­

Amanda J. 10/31/13 Lacrosse

155. Guard arrived, Sam was extremely happy. Absolutely a perfect fit. ­

Erik Flores 10/29/13 MMA

156. The night guards are great. Thanks so much for sending two. They are both different then the one I currently wear but a lot more comfortable. The team LOVES their mouth guards as well. 

Kimberly Wayne 10/03/13 Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach, Davidson College

157. I am thrilled with my custom made mouth guard. I do BJJ but I love my smile. No other product seemed to offer as much protection as a custom made mouthguard. Immediately upon trying it on, I knew my teeth were safer. In fact, I plan to order another! Thanks IMPACT MOUTHGUARDS! ­

ABS 09/25/13 Jiu Jitsu

158. Frank and the guys over at Impact Mouthguards are awesome. They were able to accommodate a RUSH request and delivered. I am 100% happy with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a superior product at a reasonable price!! ­

Kevin Mau 09/12/13 FOOTBALL

159. He loves the feel of the mouth guard. ­

Marc Hoffman 09/05/13 HOCKEY

160. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write back to you. I've been really busy. But I got my mouth guard and I love it, Thank you for the super fast delivery and all the great help you've given me. As soon as I finish writing this I'm going to fill out the review form. ­

Jim 08/26/13 MMA

161. I just wanted to let you know that my son got his custom mouthguard today and is SCREAMING with joy!!! In his words, “this is SO SICK!!” hahahaha You guys did a great job and it fits perfectly; even in lieu of his mouth appliance. And I love that it fits so snug that he literally has to use some pull to get it out. I have referred you to another player on our team. ­

Debbie 08/22/13 Hockey

162. Wow! Fantastic! Thank You very much in your diligence with my order. I appreciate it very much. I'am always pushing your product at my grappling tournaments and to anyone I know who trains. With the amount of help you have been giving me and as helpful as you've been in the matter, I feel even more confident in referring people to you guys knowing that my friends and partners won't be disappointed! ­

Jimmy 08/13/13 MMA

163. My kid loves it! It fits perfect and he can even talk clearly. ­

Enid 08/12/13 Baseball

164. He loves it! U guys did a great job! Passing out your business cards ;) ­

Corinne Willett 08/09/13 Basketball

165. It’s Fantastic! It’s so lightweight and comfortable but still feels protective. I have had many league members ask me about it. ­

Pixie 08/07/13 Roller Derby

166. I got My mouthguard in! It fits perfectly! Thank you! I can’t wait to test it out on the track! ­

Pixie 08/07/13 Roller Derby

167. “It fits so well, you don’t even know it’s there. I love this mouth guard.” ­

Maddie Mahre 07/26/13 Ice Hockey

168. Yup Vincent got his mouth guards last week. We've been super busy with school the tournament this Saturday n football. I'lL send pics as soon as I get home. They love them thnx to u :) ­

Griselda Urbina 07/25/13 Football

169. Jared loves the mouthpiece he said its fitted perfectly. ­

Griselda Urbina 07/25/13 Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

170. Got them! They are awesome. ­

Greg Kenneally 07/25/13 (founder of East Coast Dyes) Lacrosse

171. I got the mouthguard today and it looks and feels great. I will make it as an option for our football team. ­

Jamie Fetter ­ 07/25/13 Football

172. I got it..thank you! IT IS AWESOME!! ­

Jodi Davis 07/24/13

173. I received my mouthguard today and I am very pleased with it. It fits extremely well and the design looks great. Thank you very much. ­

Kit Martin 07/16/13 HOCKEY

174. "Thank you guys! Me and my teammate, best friend and housemate love these Mouthguards!

Josh Burnette 07/16/13

175. I love how thin it is and still rubbery. The hard plasticness is what I didn’t like about my Protec ­Sisu one ­

Pixie 07/01/13 Roller Derby

176. He liked it the minute he put it on! Second son will be ready soon. ­

Nathan Frazier 06/27/13

177. I compete at NAGA and my last mouth guard would make me feel like I was going to choke, but this mouth guard did no such thing! I was able to focus on competing and NOT on my mouth guard. It is also nice because it fits with no bulge or misshapen parts! It is just an AMAZING product!!!!! The best part was being able to customize it, I found a picture online and sent it off through email and my mouth guard had it on there. ­


178. I had been looking for awhile for a custom made mouth guard to fit the right way and didn't flash around in my mouth. I have been through a lot of mouthpieces. I ended up stumbling upon the mouth guard tent at a NAGA grappling tournament in Concord NC, about 2 months ago.There I got my mouth guard set­up and fitted, I got to choose the color I wanted and I simply E­mailed a picture that I wanted on my mouthpiece (which from what I've read you can do online, which proves how reliable Impact Mouth Guards really is, That they got the Email and applied it with. no problems.) I use it while sparring and other things. But I just was able to use it for the first time in competition. it was a perfect fit. I have a missing tooth in the back of my mouth and it was cut to fit perfectly. The logo looks amazing. My brother­in­law also got one and he loves it. He had no gagging while he fought. which is huge because all of his other mouthpieces sit to far back and impede his breathing. It was such a tight fit that I walked around with it in for almost an hour longer and forgot it was there until someone reminded me about it. Overall great experience with my new mouthpiece. 5 stars all around from me and my brother­in­law. Thank you. ­

Jimmy 06/24/13

179. Perfect fit! I love this mouthguard. Again, I want to thank you for the terrific customer service. I'll be sure to pass on good words about Impact. ­

Samuel de Oliviera 06/23/13

180. "Love this mouthguard. Thanks impact mouthguards for doing a great job." ­

Kelly Leo 06/22/13

181. "Best guard ever. Thanks a lot guys." ­

Justin Parks 06/19/13

182. Thank you so much for the timely responses and great customer service! I'm really looking forward to this mouthguard. ­

Samuel de Oliviera 06/18/13

183. Awesome mouth guard.....You guys nailed it! Thanks! ­

Justin Hembree 06/17/13

184. I Love it! Its nice and thin and the best fit I ever had! ­

David Hodije 06/10/13

185. Frank! Sir you are amazing! !! He loved his mouth guard thank you so much and it made it here today in time for his bday!!!! It came out awesome he cant wait to take it to the gym!! Thank you for all your help! Thank you!!! Chanel aka one happy customer!! ­

Chanel Alfaro 05/29/13

186. He loves it!! I guarantee you that you will be getting orders from the Americas football team ­

Javier Delgadillo 05/17/2013

187. It is Freaking AWSOME. Fits perfect! ­

Jeffrey Esposito 05/28/13

188. I love your product and your service!!!!! We will be back! ­

Dr. Williams 05/23/13

189. After having worn bottom­ price­ level mouth guards for years, I am very pleased with the comfort, security & flexibility of my new Impact Mouthguard. ­

Rudy Huxtabrawl 05/21/13

190. I absolutely love my mouthguard! That's the best boxing mouthguard I've ever had. ­

Jose Santiago 05/15/13

191. I just ran down to the mail box and inside I found a shiny red envelope, which I grabed and raced back to my office and ripped it open. Jeff these mouthguards are amazing, they fit like a latex glove, I have a Roller Derby bout Saturday so they will get a great try out. Thank you I love these....I already posted pics of them on my facebook page and told everybody how amazing Impact Mouthguards are! ­

Tra LaMarch 05/17/13

192. "I love my Impact Custom Mouthguard. I have always wanted a custom mouthguard, but they were always too expensive. I found Impact at a grappling tournament & saw many of their example molds & the price! Not only were the mouthguards enticing because I could customize my guard with almost any color, logo, words, & they were a reasonable price, but the customer service was absolutely wonderful. They worked with me and my gym to get a bulk order together and were extremely patient and helpful during the process. I will recommend Impact Custom Mouthguards to anyone who needs a mouthguard as they cater to almost every contact sport imaginable. Protect yourself and use Impact." ­

Tyler Davis 05/09/13

193. Received my mouth guards today and they are a thing of beauty! The Notre Dame one is especially slick and I can't wait to wear it to the gym. ­

Jack Johnson 04/04/13

194. Brady received his custom mouthguard last week. He loves it and fits great! Thank you! ­

Cheryl Rohwer 04/03/13

195. Man, my MMA guards look great! I appreciate yall working with me to get everything perfect. I will definitely be ordering from you again ­

03/13/13 Brandon Davis

196. This thing came out freaking awesome!!! Thank you!! I have already sent pics out to my team. ­

Nick Smolich 03/18/13

197. Thank you for supporting the sport I enjoy and making a mouth guard that help me enjoy the sport even more. ­

Rob Jones 03/03/13 

198. I used the mouth guard three times this week, I can tell you that using your mouth guard is awesome! With traditional mouth guards I had to continually adjust them during matches and after the match I would pull them out as quick as possible. With your mouth guard I almost forgot I had them in. When I was in a match I did not once think of my mouth guard and it help me concentrate on the match making the match more enjoyable. I also could breath better. I cannot say enough good thing about your mouth guard. I love it, and others who have seen it want one. I have passed on how to get them and told them "look it cost this much for a mouth guard, and this much to replace a tooth, you make the call".

199. Brianna said it was perfect! Very comfortable so it will make playing LAX easier. She will definitly recommend to her teammates! ­

Spinuzzie 03/01/13

200. I liked it so much Im ready to order a 2nd one. What is the process to order another mouth guard off of my same mold? ­

Nick Smolich 03/01/13

201. I just received my mouthguard this week and used it for the first time in a game last night. It was fantastic! Fit perfect, was able to talk, drink and play without thinking about it. Up until now I HATED wearing a mouthguard but this was perfect.

202. Absolutely perfect in every way!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! ­

Aaron Blount 02/25/13

203. She loves it! ­

Tanya 02/19/13

204. She absolutely loves them! Thank you so much! She says they are a LOT more comfortable the the boil and bite ones she has been using. ­

Sascha’s Mom, Caroline 02/19/13

205. Mouthguard is great! I’m mad I didn’t do this a long time ago! ­

Lauren 02/19/13

206. It FEELS GREAT! Thanks for following up! ­

Kelly 02/19/13

207. William said it was SICK! ­

Michele 02/13/13

208. It's AWESOME!!! He loves the mouthguard and is very happy with it (as are his two teammates that also bought one) ­

Julie 02/09/13

209. He wore it for an hour around the house when it arrived. I’d say he like it! ­

Elly 02/07/13

210. Thanks so much for Aubrey's mouth guard. She loves it and has felt no pain like she experienced with previous mouth guards. Thanks too, for rushing her order to get it before her Saturday tournament. She was so relieved to have it. ­

Leigh Anne 02/07/13

211. Sweet! Perfect fit! ­

Kelly 02/06/13

212. I got the guards today and I love them! They both fit great!

Joe M. 1/19/2013

213. I love the mouthpiece, Thank you!

Darrell J. 1/16/2013

214. Just got to roll with the new mouthguards. They fit perfect and make a huge difference. I love them! Thanks for the great work!

Francisco 1/14/2013