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0.3" White Finger Tape

5 Rolls Per Pack - $12.50/5 = $2.50 A Roll - DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR QUANTITY ORDERS (See Chart Below)

 Every sport from Boxing to Sumo Wrestling uses Athletic Tape!

Here at Impact we use athletic tape in wet cold conditions - the ice rink!

Our tape has to hold our pads in the right place so that our equipment stays put.

It's gotta stick!

Same is true for any of you taping up to box, roll, fight or lift...

When you tape your wrists, hands and fingers it's gotta stay stuck, even when sweat is pouring down your arms! 

Impact's Stay Stuck Athletic Tape does just that!

You see, when we set out to produce a new kind of athletic tape we had to meet  three goals:

  1. Impact Tape Had To Stay Stuck - In Any Conditions - Especially Wet
  2. Impact Stay Stuck Tape Had To Be Soft and Comfortable To Wear
  3. Impact Stay Stuck Tape Had To Be Available At An Athlete Friendly Price

It took some time but we succeeded at all three goals!


Impact Stay Stuck Tape is 100% MADE IN THE USA!

Enjoy Stay Stuck Tape Knowing:

  • 100% Latex Free
  • Proprietary White Adhesive
  • Serrated Edge Makes It Easy To Tear In Any Direction
  • Each Roll is 0.3" x 10 Yards
  • No Additional Shipping When Ordered With ANY Mouthguard
  • 5 Rolls To A Package


Special Thanks to Mike Lugo, Owner and Head Coach at Lugo Boxing, for testing our new Stay Stuck Tape with his boxing team.