Cycling Mouthguard

Protecting yourself when you hit the road is pretty important but improving your performance is often the top priority! We know because we put in the miles each week.

Our custom guards for cycling offer a thin profile developed specifically for riding. The Journal for Strength and Conditioning recently published a study that showed cyclists who wore a custom mouthguard can improve their performance by increasing their VO2Max. Additionally, those cyclists wearing a mouthguard took a longer time to become winded then their counterparts who did not snap a guard on!

Long and short of it is, if you're riding neck and neck with your buddies and want the advantage, get yourself a custom guard specifically for Cycling. You'll not only gain the advantage but your teeth will be protected when someone in the peloton falls from exhaustion!

Snap one on and you'll feel the difference!

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Cycling Mouthguard

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