I Burst Yellow - Strongman PowerLIFT Mouthguard

Impact has been handcrafting mouthguards for athletes in all sports for nearly 9 years.

We’ve protected thousands of strength and fitness athletes with guards that were quite similar to those we made for other sports.

Along the way, athletes were telling us they wanted something a bit different.

Powerlifters, Body Builders and Cross-Fitters spoke up, LOUDLY!

They weren't worried about knocking their teeth out - they were concerned with chisling their teeth down while lifting and they wanted something that could help them get big gains.

It was clear!

They loved the perfect fit of our custom mouthguards but wanted three things to be improved:

  1. They wanted far Less material in the mouth
  2. They wanted additional thickness on their molars to protect them and to off set their jaw/open their mouth for stability and breathing 
  3. They wanted a guard to help them reach new personal records

So, 18 months ago, our mandate was to produce a custom mouthguard specifically designed for Strength/Fitness Athletes.

To do so, our team partnered with Dr. Dan Brett, a dentist with 35 years of experience, to create our new PowerLIFT MouthguardTM  

Dr. Dan understood that scientific studies have shown that Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliances (MORA) can improve an athlete's strength, speed and performance.

Based upon these well founded principles, the ImpactPowerLIFT MouthguardTM was designed to bring your jaw into a supported rest that creates space between the upper and lower arch while positioning the jaw slightly forward.

By creating space between the arches and positioning the jaw slightly forward, clenching the teeth and compression of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is prevented.

This changes the signal to the hypothalamus and prevents the production of hormones, including cortisone which allows the body to improve its performance potential.

Additionally, the repositioning of your jaw creates a greater airway opening that leads to improved oxygenation and less lactic acid build up which causes muscular fatigue.


In short, what this all means to you, the strength/fitness athlete is this - your custom fit,PowerLIFT MouthguardTMhelps position your jaw, head and neck so that tension in the musculature and cervical vertebrae is reduced, resulting in an improvement of strength. 

While no mouthguard can guarantee any specific performance improvement, you’ll approach the bar stacked with plates, confident that your teeth are protected with the latest in lifting technology.

Performance Enhancing Protection!

Bite down and power through - you’re on your way to a new PR!