August 15, 2019

At Impact, we believe that every athlete is unique and deserves a chance to become a sponsored athlete. 

When we read your submission posts, we really want to know what sets you above and beyond every other athlete that’s out there. 

That’s why after reading many of your submissions, we thought we could give you some tips on how to stand out.

We get it, you’ve won Games/Matches/Fights.Tell us about that, but don’t make that the only thing you say. We get countless submissions from athletes that write one sentence, and it’s about how many matches they’ve won. That won’t win you a sponsorship.

Tell us about how you are going to work hard to promote our brand.  Tell us about the other sponsors you've had along the way and why they stick with you.  Tell us more about you than just your win/loss record.

Promise to post.We sponsor many athletes, but often find they do not hold up their end of the bargain.  This is a relationship based upon the honor system. We want athletes that will build a relationship with us and post often.  We want to see pictures of them smiling, training, playing, and winning in their Impact Mouthguard.

We're happy you have other sponsors but we don't want to always be listed on posts with the others.  make sure you treat your sponsors right by posting for each individually.  Make your sponsors feel special and they will continue to support you with gear and maybe even cash.

Followers matter.Yes, we do look at how many followers you have. While we don’t have a minimum on how many followers you need, we do tend to prefer athletes with more followers. Now, this doesn’t mean if you have 250 followers you’ll never be chosen, which leads us to the last tip.

Be passionate and convincing.We actually read your submissions, so take the time to write a paragraph about yourself, and why we should sponsor you. Tell us about your motives for becoming an athlete, some stories about yourself, and whatever else helps us get to know you. 

With that being said, we would love for you to create a submission to become an Impact Sponsored Athlete. 

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